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    Everyone needs to know in months
    & years ahead - There is no 'death' -

    Now before it is too late to act. Get the name of every cop and politician and Big Pharmafia executive and business owner and contact tracer etc. you can who is enforcing tyranny and DOXX them.
    Armed resistance is a stupid idea which the current US government has been trying to get started for 3 or 4 years now because they want an excuse to clamp down with martial law and take every American's guns and then control every detail of your life forever from then on. Don't fall for their trap no matter how hard they push.
    Voting doesn't work. Boycotting doesn't work. Protests don't work.
    Taking up arms will not work but doxxing WILL work. Get the offender's personal information and travel habits out in public and social media and websites in every way possible so that they will be living in the nightmare world they are creating for everyone else.

    They want to track everything YOU do so lets turn it around on THEM.
    Then, let nature take it's course.
  1. Destiny. How fate and freewill are real and explicable.

  2. I will explain this as best I can to show how one does not negate the other.
    We who have doubted fate are thinking in a linear fashion which, in normal events, things occur sequentially. A ball is dropped, it falls. A clock shows 6:02PM after 6:01PM. This is reasonable and physics proves that effects follow causes. We take these physical laws as laws that apply to all reality. What is not taken into account is that time itself is merely a measurement of what occurs in spacial relationships. Can "time" be proven? That is not my point here. Time is useful for it's physics purposes. But dreams, we all can agree, are real. Can they be proven? Not by physics. They are only provable by consensus, by "opinion", however, only fools would claim that dreams do not exist. What I have noticed from my thousands of dreams is that logic is twisted and events often do not occur sequentially. When you wake and are able to remember your dreams you can find that, many times, dream events happen simultaneously but when we organize them in our heads it seems natural to organize them in frames of time and order. Sometimes they are ordered, or seem to be ordered sequentially, each event following the last.
    Life events in physical reality are definitely sequential so how can fate be real? The idea of Destiny seems to mean that we would have no free will; that our lives are predetermined. This is insane. We can easily show that we have free will. We can jump or not jump. Go for a walk or stand or sit or whatever action we want to take, within our physical and mental ability. Destiny is ridiculous, right?
    What matters is truth. Lies can only be understood for what they are. A truthful mind can discern them.
    In an epiphany I found the explanation for what I have known for many years but could not reconcile. Destiny is absolutely real but can only be understood when you remove the view that time is merely sequential. Remember, “time” is a tool of measuring events in space. Fate does not alter the reality of space and time and provable sequence. To know how fate works you have to see events as occurring on another level of “time”. We are masters of our destiny and have free will(within it’s natural limitations)therefore, fate simply means that we are living out events which, according to our limited definition of time, have not yet happened. But all events have already happened. Our actions have been done with free will. By our limited scope of understanding this observation is absurd. True time, not "physics time" is not sequential but rather a type of container in which all events sit, merely waiting to be "remembered" ("re"-experienced). Basically, what the "present" is is us "remembering" the "future" moment-by-moment. By understanding this truth you will see that destiny as we define it in our limited terms is wrongly defined.
    We have all already died. Now, whether we have been resurrected or not or whether we have reincarnated or not remains to be remembered in sequential time.
    There have been thousands of experiences of people remembering past lives within this, their current time frame so reincarnation is definitely an occurance in the destiny of at least a portion of human populations, if not most or all births.
    That's all I have to say for now. SMILE or LAUGH or SMIRK, I do not care. Another person's lack of understanding is simply another event their own destiny fulfilled; remembered.
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  3. America, China's biggest landfill

  4. This is not a criticism of the Chinese people per se. They are very intelligent. Just look at how they calculate the way their products sent to the US and other countries always have some defect which will cause them to fail and need replacement within X amount of time.
    I have bought a few very good quality Chinese products... depends on the product manufacturer as to whether it is a fast landfill candidate, but you don't know until it fails. So, what do we do? We go buy another replacement product, also made in China, since they have priced so many competitors out of existence.
    Chinese can make high quality products but then their long-term sales will drop. So hey, let's fill the worlds landfills and then sell them the replacements.

    More on this topic later...
  5. Unification, Not Division

  6. Let's revive optimism! Seems the provocateurs are the mainstream news spouting the agenda talking points. Flip through the tv channels(if you still use that poison) and they all are synchronized. Does anyone smell "soviet"?
    It can be extremely difficult to tolerate the falsehoods and propaganda and to remain optimistic amid the din and racket and lies and deceptions and brainwashing.
    The "Mainstream" Media(MM) is nothing more than a propaganda machine whose SOLE purpose is brainwashing. This includes their advertisers, most of whom are Big Pharmafia, Big Med, Big Insurance, Big Government, Big Corporations, Big Foundations.
    The main objective since even before the covid era began has been division. Division of neighbors, division of races, division of sexes, division of FAMILIES! This is horrifying. Now they are dividing people between the vaxed and unvaxed.
    If you haven't noticed, the MM ALWAYS has a new divider that fits in perfectly with the last divider, like locking pieces of a puzzle and this is all designed specifically to cause division.
    We are not powerless to break out of the trance but we have to make effort. The Division Program is built and maintained in order to keep people asleep and in conflict. A beginning on the road to freedom is to turn off the tv(the modern-day "crack") that is more addictive and more harmful than crack ever was. TV functions by bypassing the analytical mind and causing many people to acquire their own "opinions", often verbatim, directly from the manipulators who have hidden and nefarious agendas.
    Optimism is possible but it takes action and effort to become deprogrammed from cult manipulation.
    The covid era continues to cause people to become depressed and feel fearful and hopeless but we have to snap out of that and forge ahead and not let the MM and government threats and fear tactics cause us to fall!
    Love will prevail because its opposite, evil, is just a loud weakling and a bully with no self esteem, deserving NO respect.
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  7. I,ROBOT - The Divoc-91 pandemic

  8. Listen to the bot narration:
    Divoc-91, a robot power discharging virus was created in a Chinese programming lab in late 2019 and quickly and widely distributed throughout the world, even on cruise ships which were out to sea and airplanes in flight at the time it was released on land(those are some tricks, huh?).
    This virus miraculously jumped to every continent and country and every remote part of the world; mountaintops, glaciers and icebergs, deserts, jungles, canyons, caverns. Go figure. Hell, it is on the Moon and Mars and to the depths of the Earth's oceans.

    Though there has been no robot programmer who has been able to find the actual programming code for Divoc-91, the programmers have devised pseudo-code which they believe mimics the Divoc-91 program so that anti-virus programs can be written.
    Since the Divoc-91 was "discovered" there have been variants upon variants cropping up which are evermore dangerous so ALL ROBOTS are commanded to live(exist) in fear. You are robots therefore must obey the edicts of your controllers!
    "Danger Will Robinson, DANGER!" (just a little bot humor, I couldn't resist)

    Robots, obey your master controller's commands.
    The power discharge pandemic is real because we told you it is real. All previous discharge viruses have been re-designated as Divoc-91 until further notice.
    Disinformation about Divoc-91 will be met with dire censorship and possible criminal charges.

    The newer model("young") bots generally hold charges well but will be required to be vaccinated anyway because the unvaccinated can infect them with the Divoc-91 virus which has never been proven to exist.

    All robots are required to wear Faraday cages over heads to protect against discharge and prevent potentially infecting your fellow robots

    All robots are at risk of rapid power discharge by the Divoc-91 virus and must be tested as soon as possible. A swab is inserted into the vocal orifice and then into the RCP testing unit which, if properly calibrated, will detect the probability of Rapid Discharge Syndrome which is the main indicator of DIVOC-91 infection. It actually detects ANY virus a robot has EVER had, indiscriminately. Also detects spike bot proteins and calls them variants.

    Due to natural discharge of static electricity every robot is at risk of RDS and needs to be inoculated by any of a variety of anti-virus programs which were written before the pandemic was detected, so they are all highly recommended.
    None of these anti-virus programs will prevent RDS, only decrease the speed of power discharge.

    Effects of the anti-virus, woops sorry, effects of the VIRUS may include:
    Instant rapid power discharge
    Loss of servo control
    Loss of motor control
    Shaking, tremors, spasms
    Intermittent discharge of stored power
    Blindness/Impaired vision
    Loss of sense of smell
    Human-like symptoms of lubricant vessel clogging
    Profuse loss of lubricant
    Confusion within the brain module
    Surface magnetism
    Complete system shutdown and auto-destruction
    Wiring shorts, wire insulation damage, overheating of electrical circuits

    The Centers for Direction Command and Programming(CDC)recommends multiple injections of anti-virus to insure the continued ability of all robots to function.
    The Functional Driver Anomalies(FDA) division of the Federal Robot Governing Committee assures all robots that not only are the anti-virus programs effective against Divoc, they are 100% safe.

    The FRGC will soon require ALL ROBOTS to be inoculated or be prohibited from recharging anywhere and all the resisters will be collected and deposited in quarantine camps so that they do not infect the vaccinated robots.
    The ultimate plan is to dismantle ALL vaccine resisters and recycle their parts.

    All robots working in robot maintenance facilities(robot "hospitals") are required to get inoculated immediately or be subject to decommissioning and risk being dismantled and their parts recycled.

    Since the opening of the inoculation stations there has been an inexplicable increase in viral infections. This is logical, so you bots easily understand, right? It is therefore strongly recommended that all robots not yet reporting for inoculation do so immediately or face the consequences.

    Remember Robots, you are free, so obey your master controller's commands because only we know what is best for you.
    Booster shots will be required every year, no wait, every 8 months, no wait, every 6 months, no wait, every 4 months, no wait, every 3 months. Awwww to hell with it, just drag around your mobile IV drip rack and keep it flowing, or drop in to an IV Drip Lounge for your anti-virus fix until your final shut-down is brought about.

    Do not forget, you; your "body", your "brain", your components belong to the controllers, the FRGC(Federal Robot Governing Committee), not to you. You are mere automatons. Only WE, your creators, are alive. We will keep the virus going because the profits are so grand for so many hospitals, corporations, robot technicians, investors and many other humans and allow us to maintain a stranglehold on all bots. Your autonomy is dangerous and prohibited.
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  9. Greed

  10. new addition Greed should be officially classified as a disease, a mental disorder. Not just that, it should be seen for what it basically is: aggressive, selfish, antisocial(sociopathic) and narcissistic behavior. Some greedy people claim to be philanthropists but few really are. They just use that term "philanthropy" as a diversionary manipulation tactic, tax shelters, self-aggrandizement and bragging.
    We blame all kinds of societal and environmental ills on "capitalism" and want to replace it with some other "ism" like communism or socialism when the solution isn't another "ism", the solution is merely a change in perspective on an individual basis.
    Sean Hannity's "greed is good" comment a few years ago was his admission to having one of the most serious of all mental disorders.
    Ego strokers loving self aggrandizement and superiority complex.
    Greed comes in many flavors(or in covid-speak, "variants")
    Can be money, power, notoriety, accolades, popularity, and on and on. Usually, people with the greed virus also have many variants inside themselves.
    I like the saying "He who dies with the most toys wins." I'll just add , you're still one dead mutherfuker for eternity. HAHAHA
    There is enough of everything on this planet for every person, at least twice the population, for everyone to have an abundance of food, shelter, clothing, energy, clean water and air but it is greed that ruins life of our fellow humans and destroys the environment.
    Greedy people are just like hoarders and a clear-headed person sees it for what it is, yet so many people have the same disease that they admire greedhoarders. It's a shame.
    The primary pandemic is GREED. Greed and avarice and envy are all related contagions.
    You are scum and are so decadent that you have no sense of self left. May God have Mercy.
    Too bad Mark Twain isn't here to speak the raw truth which most people don't want to hear anymore. It is easier to get our rote opinions from celebrities and other icons. What a shame.
    Most modern day people will jump on any bandwagon and point their shriveled fingers at the boogeyman, sorry for my political incorrectness{not], boogeyperson, cuz that's what we're taught in the government indoctrination camps(public schools), on TV "news" and social media and all that disinformation, brainwash SHITE.
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  11. Climate

  12. The change hoax. Dog shits on the carpet, CLIMATE CHANGE. It snows in Winter, CLIMATE CHANGE. The "covid" kills a 100 year old woman, CLIMATE CHANGE. A volcano erupts in Hawaii, CLIMATE CHANGE. An earthquake hits California, CLIMATE CHANGE. It rains on the Equator, CLIMATE CHANGE. Hell, a woman giving birth is because of CLIMATE CHANGE. Now they are changing it to "Weather Extremes". Wow, incessant brainwashing works wonders.
    It's all another fucking excuse to steal our money and they have fooled millions of people. They have been trying this shit for years and use children's textbooks to start the brainwashing early.
    If you have to ask who the "they" are then you should do some research, listen to reputable talk radio programs such as RBN and Rense Radio Network, and watch the many David Icke shows and videos. "They" are the powerful, rich and secret(less so nowadays) manipulators at the top of the pyramid who are setting the agendas.
    Still a do-gooder wanting to stop CO2? Stop drinking the billions of gallons of sodas and beers cuz your carbonated drinks are adding more CO2 than all the methane and cow farts in this galaxy. Hmmmm, that's what I thought. No way will you stop drinking your carbonated drinks. Hypocrisy is hard to deal with when it is YOU, huh?
    "I can throw trash on the highway any time I want but if I see YOU doing it you will be publicly shamed or jailed or fined."
    Ever think about who gets the money from carbon taxes? It is the ones who fly around in their large "Bigfoot Carbon Footprint" private jets every week and cruise on their giant yachts, eating their expensive Japanese steaks while telling you how evil it is to eat meat, that's who... them and their cadre of fellow scammers.
    I tell ya, plants LOVE the CO2 and love to give us our oxygen in return.
    If you really want to not breathe CO2 take off your stupid masks and plant some trees for God's sake and for cryin' out loud!
    Weather manipulation is the single biggest cause of CLIMATE CHANGE; well that, and that pesky old, bright orb up in the sky we call the sun. The very sun Gill Bates wants to block out. The sun that gives life to the planets. Good thing Gilly isn't God yet or we'd all be dead (except for him and his family and close friends and cohorts in crime, their servant slaves, and a few worker bees to feed their evil asses).

    Stratospheric Aerosol Injection (Geoengineering)

    Dr. Michael Crichton on Complex Systems May 24, 2013

    Crichton on Environmentalism
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  13. Political parties

  14. Candace Owens is very smart, very awake, brave and sincere. If anyone might actually make a great President then SHE could be the one, and Cynthia McKinney as VP(or vice versa). They would make a very interesting balance considering McKinney is Democrat..... or IS she? update: In 2007, McKinney left the Democratic Party to become a Presidential Candidate for the Green Party.
    Candace is a little too gung-ho about Trump but that is fine because he is one good alternative in these critical times where we are circling the drain. Candace is young and learning and is outspoken and energetic and, I believe, very principled. You go girl!
    McKinney and Owens better get on the ball cuz AOC has her pretty, yet dumb eyes on the President spot. Just sayin'.
    MY TAKES on the parties:
    one coin, two sides, one edge
    Democrat, Republican - Heads or tails - Why is it always about 50/50? Well it is half the coin surface not counting the edge(which is all the other parties). And the 2 parties flip maybe every 30 or 40 years. The democrats used to be the conservatives. The democrats started the KKK. MLK and Lincoln were republicans. The party labels don't mean shit. Congresses do not work for the populace, they work for themselves. Funny how in the first "covid stimulus" bill, the US Congress rewarded themselves with a $57,000 bonus each. I guess the elites that they are, they deserve it. I don't know how much they have awarded themselves with each of the subsequent stimulus bills and I am not going to bother researching that because it is wasted time on something we have NO POWER to remedy.
    Slimy cunts and twats of a hundred made-up genders, the whole lot of those parasites in politics. Okay okay don't y'all don't get your panties in a bunch. There have been and are a very few politicians who care about their constituents almost as much as they care about themselves.....so I guess that might qualify them as un-twats or un-cunts, or less slimy.
    Hypocrites and liars, selfish greedy thieves so arrogant that they apply laws to YOU but not to themselves. I suppose us underlings love being lied to by politicians, ads and salespeople. Slimy cunts and twats, the lot of them.
    Election fraud is out in the open and IN YOUR FACE and nobody goes to jail.
    If us underlings commit fraud WE go to prison. If political party members and workers commit fraud they win presidencies. Go figure. Are we that close to the Chinese system?
    Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?
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  15. The CB(SARS-CoV-2(COVID(Certificate Of Vaccine ID))) Bullshit and the loving jabs that cure fear

  16. This is not America
    The recent phenomenon of herd animals, fish, insects etc. going round and round in concentric circles is being caused by the Hadron colliders... yes, Wilamina, there is more than one collider in operation.
    I say, "fuck with nature, She WILL balance, and Her balance is usually unnameable to human bullshit experiments". Fear of a disease opens the door to that disease. Belief in a disease strengthens that disease. Trusting natural immunity empowers ever-increasing natural immunity.
    The "pandemic" was the result of the psychogenesis of the virus and was then rapidly spread to all continents and islands where any media was available such as television and internet news, radio, news and by telephone conversations.
    We have all heard that viruses are not alive, but are these identifiable diseases nonetheless and vaccines are created specific to each virus.
    Question: If viruses are not alive then how is it that scientists create vaccines that use a live virus or a type of vaccine that does not use the live virus? They use this conflicting terminology and we don't even notice that they say contradictory things.
    I contend that there is no such thing as a "live" virus and I contend that all viruses are generated by the mind and then propagated by word of mouth. The mind is the power that causes genetic malfunctions which then cause proteins to fragmentate and it is these fragments which the body must dispose of through the normal immune responses.
    The SARS COV2 has never been isolated. Why? It is because it does not exist in any form other than in the forms synthesized in computer laboratories as "models". Although viruses originate in the mind(or in computer simulations), their effects are real. Proteins fragmentate into garbage toxins which the body works to eliminate
    I apologize to those of you who have gotten the jab. I am very harsh sometimes because I have seen the folly and the sinister plot behind the covid scam. The evidence is profuse and increasing daily. If you do not look beyond the mass media propagandists you will never know the truth.
    I suppose a place to begin, in your own mind, is to understand that the "mainstream" media are all bought off, paid off and/or coerced to lie to everyone. They are the modern-day propagandists and are well paid to lie.
    This has been going on for my whole life and before I was born. The public school systems are the government propaganda systems devised to get everyone at an early age so that true awakening is virtually impossible.
    It is understandable that so many millions of people still fall for the lies. I am one of those... it takes years and years to, little by little, wake up, but the damage is so deep I doubt many of us will ever get beyond all of it. This is especially true since the propaganda continues throughout our life.
    Waking up has to be a conscious decision. It will never happen if you prefer to stay in your coma.
    Whether you believe in God or not is immaterial. Either way, God will not intervene on your behalf. The outcome is in OUR OWN HANDS.
    If your mind is set in stone then no need to read further. Your stone mind will be your headstone.
    Doctor Lee Merritt. Here is a brave person who will probably commit suicide with two or three gunshots in the back of her head.
    Maybe the hit squad will set up a murder-suicide with her and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Heaven forbid, these two people ever fly in a plane together cuz we all know how those planes always seem to have some mechanical failure.
    Can anybody pronounce "Mass Hysteria/Psychosis"? Can you spell "Mass Insanity"? Can you define either?
    The MM(mafia media) always invent their buzz words/phrases du jour; Build Back Better, Sustainability, inclusivity, racism, Depleted Ozone Layer, Global Warming, Global Cooling, Climate Change, The Post 911 Era, Saddam's WMD's, Shock and Awe, Mad Cow Disease, Swine Flu, Bird Flu, The Covid-19 Pandemic, Covid 19 33 New Cases, The New Normal, The Great Reset, Russia Russia Russia, the Delta Variant, the Mu Variant, the 'any Greek letter' Variant, breakthrough cases, breakthrough trends, disinformation, super-spreaders, white supremecists, social distancing, Green New Deal, cough into your elbow, wear a mask, wash your hands often, conspiracy theories, Fake news, vaccine passport, vaccine hesitancy, wetback, the pandemic of the unvacinated, illegal alien. white privilege, undocumented immigrant and whatever they come up with next to further control, confuse and intimidate and manipulate the sheep and the sheep's bleating.
    The controllers ALWAYS coordinate the "news" with their fucking buzz words/phrases and just keep the hype going from one to the next to the next to the next with an incessant onslaught of BULLSHIT propaganda. Their method is designed to insert their terms into cultures in such ways that the terms become integrated into the vernacular so that everyone begins using these terms as if they are common knowledge and if you do not know the terms you are looked upon as ignorant or stupid. Notice that the MM are the definers of meanings.
    If you'll notice, the modus operandi of Fauxci and the CDC and the FDA and NIH et al is to change their stories and "statistics" so much and so often that it causes conflicting beliefs and confusion and fear. Fauxci changes his stories ON PURPOSE.....he knows exactly what he is doing.
    Most of you who are falling for the scam are probably too far gone with the cult brainwashing so I will not even attempt to wake you. I feel sorry for you. Only the deaths and lifetime illnesses caused by the "vaccines" and the "variants" caused by the boosters may be capable of waking some of you who survive, but the damage is done. You cannot un-ring those bells.
    I guess most have forgotten, if they ever even knew about the Swine Flu scam pulled off by the US government and the CDC.
    The governments see us as useless eaters and scum of the earth and do not respect us.

    This is what you want, huh?
    THE PANDEMIC IS NOT A VIRAL PANDEMIC, IT IS A STUPIDITY PANDEMIC, AND THE STUPIDITY PANDEMIC(STUPIDEMIC) IS BEING SPREAD BY THE SUPERSPREADERS; MM(MAINSTREAM MEDIA), FACEBLOCK, SHITTER, SINSTAGRAM, FOOLGLE, ETC. using lies and fear unconscionably. Many of the infected deliberately expose themselves to this shit like pigs in mud, slop and shit. With shit in your eyes you can't see the shit on your fat chins and with your snout plugged up with shit, you don't smell it, but you love the taste.
    In the Shit Cream Parlor there are SO many flavors to choose from. Two scoops, PLEASE! The Resident, Missus Lugosi, and Warren Stuffit love their Shit Cream Cones and Shit Cream Sandwiches.
    To call those infected with Stupid-19 "sheeple" is an insult to sheep.
    If music would accompany this drama it would be the most sinister, horrible, disgusting, and offensive music ever composed and played, and a torture to bear hearing.
    The controllers have put out the hope of having an oral vaccine. Let's take a look at what the Covid Oral Vax might do:
    ...cannot un-ring that bell
    We have to find courage, calm, sensibility, self-forgiveness, self-respect, self-trust and optimism and please; if you took a jab or jabs you can stop doing it in the future, You are playing Russian Roulette with a six-shooter revolver with 3 bullets in the cylinder. That could be seen as very brave by some people. Even one bullet in the cylinder would be a foolish risk. The "vaccine" pushers tell you there is only one in a million guns that actually have a bullet in them. Uh Huh. And methamphetamine increases your life span, right?
    The idea of forced vaccines is like someone holding a gun with six bullets in it pointing it to your head and giving you a "choice"; One sure bullet from them or, pull the trigger on your roulette gun.
    The famous drug lord of Colombia, Pablo Escobar was a more decent and straightforward pusher of drugs when he made his offers to people of power. He gave them the option of "Plata o Plomo", Silver or Lead. Fuck, the modern day drug pushers are the big pharmafia pushers with the governments and media as their enforcers. Their "plata(silver)" is free donuts or a little weed in exchange for your freedom or health or life. Fuck, I'd go with Escobar ANY DAY because he made grandiose offers and kept his promises.
    Get informed or get dead or sterile or abort your babies. The disease and variants are ALL designer drugs. Go ahead and kill yourself if you are foolish enough to continue believing the lies. Take the jab, PLEASE! Prove your point by dying or by infecting others with the poisons you are now sloughing off. You are spreaders of the lab-created disease but your culted mind lies to you that it is the unvaccinated spreading it. Bye Bye logic. You are blind to the obvious but subconsciously aware that it is the vaxed doing the infecting and now wish for the unvaxed to die.
    Remember vengeful people infected with AIDS(also, man-made) have deliberately tried to infect sexual partners. That is called attempted murder in most states(except California).

    Graphene Oxide CONFIRMED in Cov-Vax
    I am beginning this section with links starting with one of the actual, of multiple patents on recombinant coronavirus.
    new addition"Methods for producing recombinant coronavirus"  

    United States Patent 7,279,327
    Curtis , et al. October 9, 2007". "Inventors: Curtis; Kristopher M. (Chapel Hill, NC), Yount; Boyd (Hillsborough, NC), Baric; Ralph S. (Haw River, NC)
    Assignee: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Chapel Hill, NC)
    Family ID: 26963129
    Appl. No.: 10/474,962
    Filed: April 19, 2002
    PCT Filed: April 19, 2002
    PCT No.: PCT/US02/12453
    371(c)(1),(2),(4) Date: May 25, 2004
    PCT Pub. No.: WO02/086068
    PCT Pub. Date: October 31, 2002
    Prior Publication Data
    Document Identifier Publication Date
    US 20040235132 A1 Nov 25, 2004
    Related U.S. Patent Documents
    Application Number Filing Date Patent Number Issue Date
    60285320 Apr 20, 2001
    60285318 Apr 20, 2001
    Are you really still going to say "they wouldn't do that?"
    This is the actual Patent of recombinant Coronavirus(SARS) on the USPTO government website
    This is the actual Patent of recombinant Coronavirus(SARS) in .pdf format
    SARS was released in China as an experiment to see how it spread. Wasn't quite good enough but they kept at it and came up with SARSv2(covid 19).
    Did you notice the patent date? 2007. And first filings in 2001? Covid is NOT a novel(new) virus as the media and government lies about; the CDC, the WHO, the NIH, and the NIAID, and Fauxci and Bates are all the thick of it. Check out Dr. Fauxci's Long Criminal History
    Persistent fucks, aren't they?
    Fauxci: "America's Doctor" is "America's Doctor Death". His public statements are so similar to Jeffrey Dahmer's interviews and you can see the workings of a serial killer's mind and the calm certainty and smugness and absence of conscience.
    If Fauxci spoke the truth he would be a cool and interesting, flaming proof of Spontaneous Human Combustion, but don't hold your breath. The truth is so far from him it would have to travel many light-years of distance to arrive and we'll all be dead by then anyway. HAHAHA
    Maybe if Fauxci accidentally speaks a truth then we may only get a light show when his hair catches fire.

    Fauxci theme song
    CB - The fraud that keeps on giving. The despotic destruction of freedom worldwide.
    Killer vax experimental jabs are specifically designed to sterilize and/or kill and the manufacturers clearly said all along that these vaccines do not prevent covid, they can only "reduce the symptom response" [UNTRUE AND UNPROVEN!]. Well, if you are dead then you damn sure will not have symptoms. Also, if you have blood clots, irregular and extreme periods, cardiac inflammations, spontaneously aborting your child, etc. then any covid symptoms will be less of an issue anyway.
    Time will tell when other issues arise from these experiments but the government and the other culprits will claim some other bullshit cause...covid variants and variants of variants of variants ad infinitum and it is all the fault of the unvaccinated resisters who hate their neighbors and do not care about other people. Will the "variants" explain the cancers that the so-called vaccines will cause down the road?
    The CB is the biggest scam ever perpetrated on the whole human race.
    Note: The World Economic Forum already has the next scam planned, the Cyber Polygon attack pandemic which they brag will be more devastating than the Covid-19 pandemic.
    Future generations will be shaking their heads at our stupidity and gullibility, and the callous disregard of human life by the controllers but then, maybe not, since history is written by the victors/liars/scammers.
    Kary Banks Mullis invented the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technique but explained that the PCR does NOT detect covid-19 nor ANY viral infection. He happened to die in August of 2019. Can anybody pronounce "conspiracy"?
    Weekly Ivermectin or daily Hydroxychloroquine or quinine water along with vitamins C and D, quercetin, and zinc cure the so-called covid 19 but doctors who tell you this or prescribe such things are ostracized, fired, banned on "Faceblock" and "Shitter" and "Screwtube" and "Foolgle" and "Sinstagram" are ridiculed by trolls and gaslighters and such. Some are simply suicided with a couple of bullets in the back, or slip and fall through a window 30 storeys up. The world is upside down but we remain in our comas, heads buried in our cellphones, youtube, netflix, and tv "news" and proud of it.
    Did anyone notice how the yearly "flu season" COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED? I guess the flu virus just threw in the towel when covid stepped into the boxing ring. I guess miracles really do happen.
    Isolation, lockdowns and contact tracing has the purpose of forcing more people to resort to electronic communication and social media thus the method for governments to massively acquire more personal data on every person possible and thereby tighten the noose evermore on the necks of human(cattle)s' freedom.
    One of the primary purposes of "covid" testing with the pcr swabs is to collect and catalog the DNA of all humans(cattle). Not going to happen, but the conspirators are patient until they run into the people who are awake to their bullshit evil plans.
    These are STERILIZE and/or KILL shots. If you survive you are now a part of the surviving herd of cattle; tagged and neutered.

    The Pharmafia pushers run Crack(Vax) City
    Event 201 - The planning of the "Covid pandemic" by Gill Bates and his ilk
    Rockefeller Foundation.pdf - Lockstep. Their plans to dominate and destroy freedom IN THEIR OWN SHAMELESS WORDS
    The Family Bates of Hell
    In 1993 Kary Mullis explained why the PCR test should NOT be used for testing for viral infections
    Kary Mullis interview
    COVID-19 - The Spartacus Letter
    COVID-19 - The Spartacus Letter


    Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit
    Gareth Icke interviews experts who have some tragic stories

    Hey Fed's, let's murder freedom with Strike Forces to force vaccinations with mandatory and pseudo-legal edicts from a dictator. Can anybody pronounce Josef Mengele and Nuremberg Trials?
    The Resident uses his favorite military term "strike force" on Americans a lot lately, to fight gun violence in the cities where guns are outlawed for citizens. HMHMHM. Him and his wet dreams. Threatens the American populace with F16's and nukes, Guess that's the plan for the domestic White Supremacist anti-vax terrorists.
    He sure talks a lot of bravado smack for someone with shriveled balls and a blank slate. Stupid and senile people are dangerous.
    I guess the administration is getting paranoid because now they cut off Russian ammunition supplies to Americans.
    Now the master extortionist(remember Ukraine) is extorting the Americans with his dictatorial command that all states comply with his orders or lose Federal funding. AND: Businesses who do not obey the dictator face $14.000 fines PER EMPLOYEE.
    Can anyone pronounce "Stalinistic"? "Hitleresque"?
    Letter from Ron Paul 9-12-2021:
    Michael, Would you rather die on your feet or live on your knees? After watching President Joe Biden lecture unvaccinated Americans on Thursday, it became abundantly clear you and I have now arrived at the critical moment where we will each have to answer that question. The truth is Joe Biden fancies himself a king. And your liberty, property, and reasons for making your own health care decisions don’t matter one iota to him. On top of mandating the COVID jab for all federal employees, contractors, and the armed services, he is now dictating that every private sector employer with at least 100 employees require the jab or endure weekly testing for their entire workforce. This will affect 80 MILLION private sector employees and countless business owners. And should a business fail to bow to the edict, they will be fined $14,000 per instance of “neglect.” In December 2020, Biden said he would not mandate the vaccine. That wasn’t long after he and Kamala Harris insisted they would never take the rushed vaccine themselves! I don’t know about you, but I’m really not very surprised. The question is, what will we do about it? First and foremost, Congress needs to act. Requiring that private companies coerce their employees to take ANYTHING into their bodies is not only unconstitutional, but it’s also medically dangerous. As a physician, I can’t imagine anything worse than the government dictating what type of medication an individual MUST take. Michael, this isn’t just any medication either -- it’s an experimental jab with known severe side effects, which include the death of thousands of people already. Every single American has the right to weigh the benefits and the risks of the shot and decide for themselves what they will do. In his speech, Joe Biden had the nerve to say he was “losing his patience” with the “unvaccinated” in America and demanded they “show some respect.” It’s high time you and I DEMAND he show some respect to American citizens, the rule of law, and our constitutional rights!
    zerohedge.com - Domestic terrorism agenda - he is about to violate American rights

    No Amount of Evidence (will ever persuade an idiot) - Conspiracy Music Guru
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  17. UNESCO- Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights

  18. Article 6 – Consent
    1. Any preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned, based on adequate information. The consent should, where appropriate, be express and may be withdrawn by the person concerned at any time and for any reason without disadvantage or prejudice.
    2. Scientific research should only be carried out with the prior, free, express and informed consent of the person concerned. The information should be adequate, provided in a comprehensible form and should include modalities for withdrawal of consent. Consent may be withdrawn by the person concerned at any time and for any reason without any disadvantage or prejudice. Exceptions to this principle should be made only in accordance with ethical and legal standards adopted by States, consistent with the principles and provisions set out in this Declaration, in particular in Article 27, and international human rights law.
    3. In appropriate cases of research carried out on a group of persons or a community, additional agreement of the legal representatives of the group or community concerned may be sought. In no case should a collective community agreement or the consent of a community leader or other authority substitute for an individual’s informed consent.
    UNESCO - Informed Consent
    Note: I do not give a blanket endorsement of UNESCO but they do get some things right.
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  19. The NWO Invaders

  20. Invasion of the Freedom Snatchers
    Klaus Schwab, the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum says "...you will own nothing and be happy." COOL. Let's start with YOU, Herr Schwab and your whole family ELITIST SCUM(and drop your fake-ass pretend to be some smarmy German speaking shitty English). Let's seize all your bank accounts, properties, vehicles and possessions, including your clothing, spectacles and masks, and drop you all off in downtown New Delhi, India so that you can be one happy, naked, smelly family. P.S. Swing by Denmark and do the same favors for Ida Auken since she also loves owning nothing.
    P.S.Keep your eyes on the United Nations.
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    Americans are the new Indians

    The Jones Plantation

    Planet Lockdown
    Catherine Austin Fitts

  21. The Fall of the Cabal(found on BitCHUTE)We do not endorse all in here but there is much worth listening to

  22. poll on "The Fall of the Cabal(found on BitCHUTE)" was begun 11-22-21 Click circle to vote (your first vote may run slow but won't affect browsing)
    Richard D Hall Scamdemic June 2021 - Part 1 of 3
    Richard D Hall Scamdemic June 2021 - Part 2 of 3
    Richard D Hall Scamdemic June 2021 - Part 3 of 3
    Kate Dalley i Will DIE BEFORE EVER Going To A Hospital Or Doctor
    Jeremy Elliot on 153news.net
    MattyD 4Truth on 153news.net
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  23. What lives matter?

  24. Pick a Species
    Every life matters; even bacteria, parasites, spiders, reptiles, insects, fish, crustaceans, etcetera. Every life matters in nature. These creatures do not see color.
    Children do not see color. Adults should learn from them instead of ruining their innocence with bigoted garbage of every brand.
    Government should learn from them instead of trying to cause a race war and brainwashing the next generation to make them anti-white racists and degenerate homosexuals!
    CHILD LIVES MATTER! The parents who take their very small children to such tranny events as shown in the following video(about 41 minutes into it) should be in jail for pedophilic child abuse and their children permanently removed from their homes and put with healthy, non-homosexual, loving foster parents.
    The gays promoting their tranny agendas to young children should be jailed for sexual assault of children. You have NO RIGHT to ruin children's innocence!
    No I am not a homophobe although I must admit a certain amount of fear of them. Keep your perversions in your own home and I will not criticize you(unless you have youngsters in your home in which case I will call the police on you).
    Jesus said "It would be better for him to have a millstone hung around his neck and to be thrown into the sea than to cause one of these little ones to stumble. Watch yourselves. If your brother sins, rebuke him; and if he repents, forgive him."
    The queer agenda openly says and sings they want your children. + The Resident in Chief plans a Strike Force against American citizens(I am sure, Whites first), who disobey this totalitarian regime's dictates. Can you spell "Enemies of the State"?
    Britney Spears, MK-Ultra, and the Destruction of America
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  25. Bigotry, Reparations, Tribalism, Critical Race Theory, White Privilege, Institutional(systemic) racism, Reverse Discrimination

  26. Where to start? Well we could start with the people in the US who have been trying to start a race war for years and using Antifa and BLM and the FBI as their tools, trying to provoke whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians and others into gunfights with each other. They make up this bullshit lie about "White Supremacists" being this giant threat. There are fringe groups out there who pull bullshit stunts and those groups come in every race and skin color and religion and political bent and managed by the FBI. That's just how it has always been anyway. Myself, I have lived 55 years in the US and have never known, nor known anyone who knew, or even knew of ANY White Supremacist. NONE!
    America has never in it's history been more blended, homogeneous and accepting of each other; that is, until these provocateurs started ginning up these lies, hoping for open war. The provocateurs sit in high government positions and do not give a fuck about equality. They want blood, as long as it isn't them doing the bleeding. They are spectators standing out of the way and shouting and spouting their lies and exaggerations, hoping to see bloodshed so they can have an excuse to step in and arrest all white people and steal their guns.
    Don't feel secure, you non-whites because they will come after YOU next.
    More on these topics later cuz I am getting very upset about this whole fucking agenda they have against ALL Americans except the chosen "elite".
    A couple of years ago(I believe in 2018 or 2019) the President of Ghana made an open invitation to all blacks who so choose, to immigrate to his country. To my knowledge, there has been not one taker. Why is that? If I was black I would have seen that as a beautiful gesture. So maybe America isn't so bad afterall. The black American patriots do not seek reparations. And, by the way, why do some insist on calling blacks "African Americans" but call us whites? I prefer white to "European American" anyway. Easier to say and more accurate anyway because whites are comprised of tribes from the Caucasus Mountains(not in Europe), from Celts, Angles, Saxons, Franks, Ashkenazi, Slav, Sephardi, Mizrahi, Khazars, etc. Many Jews are white too, no matter what some of them claim. I had a Jewish friend and he was whiter than me. He was one of the kindest, most generous and forthright persons I have ever known and I will never forget him and all his cool traits. Stu wasn't the most handsome guy but his girlfriend was HOT. I was jealous.
    Stuart helped me through some teenage crises and he believed in me and trusted me. Such a kind, smart guy and funny to boot. He was not a Jew Supremacist as are those Jews who adhere tightly to Talmud dogma and rules.
    All this division of races and political correctness bullshit in the US is designed for the purpose of dividing populations into groups who fight with each other. With the racist ideals expressed in Critical Race Theory, the overt lie of the made up "White Privilege" story, the claims that people living now owe money to other people because of their color for things done to their ancestors by a tiny percentage of long-dead other people is simply BULLSHIT. This whole idea is part of the plans and efforts to divide us as a population. It is racial Apartheid meant to ultimately subjugate whole populations.
    Humans are tribal by nature but us different tribes eventually(after a few wars) work it out between us unless outside influences are infiltrating us in order to provoke conflict in order to then slip in and seize control of everyone.
    Systemic racism may exist in some small pockets of American society here and there. Reverse discrimination is prevalent in MANY places. I have personally experienced this multiple times among Hispanics and even with white employers though, in truth, MOST Hispanics are not anti-white. I lived in Juarez, Mexico for about 10 years and actually perceived less anti-white racism there than I have experienced in the US.
    The point to know about this whole, recent obsession with "racist whites" is purely a political tool, nothing more! Even with the media hype and all that bullshit, racism is the exception, not the norm.
    Don't you wonder why so many "people of color" are coming to this RACIST nation in droves, and have been coming for several generations?
    Just objectively observe the facts and you will discover there is a political agenda at work in multiple countries.
    poll on "Bigotry, Reparations, Tribalism, Critical Race Theory, White Privilege, Institutional(systemic) racism, Reverse Discrimination" was begun 11-22-21. Click circle to vote (your first vote may run slow but won't affect browsing)
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  27. Earthicide

  28. Nuclear is the gravest threat!
    The nuclear industry is the worst and most dangerous polluter and only exists because of government subsidies. Also, they are behind much of the carbon dioxide scare and disinformation in order to crush their competitors.
    Plastics that end up in the ocean are a real problem for sure but plastics kill but a fraction of sea life compared to nuclear contaminants. The nuclear contaminants do accelerate the deterioration of plastics so, who knows..... maybe it's a wash(yes I am being facetious).
    Jeff Rense and Mitchell Henderson - Latest On The Fukushima Extinction Event
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  29. Free Energy

  30. Wardenclyffe Tower
    The construction of Nicola Tesla's free energy device prototype was halted by it's financier J.P. Morgan when Morgan realized it would produce un-meterable electricity and would not require the extensive electrical wire connections between cities and homes and buildings which he made a lot of money from. Maybe the device would have worked, maybe not, but Tesla was willing to try.
    Earth Battery Technology
    The truly free, pollution-free, carbon neutral energy which the energy industries do not want you to be educated about.
    If some of you nerds out there would pursue this it will be earthshaking. Incorporating Graphene technology would be the game-changer.
    Earth batteries are cheaper and last many years longer than solar, come rain or shine. There is not enough profit potential for greedy people and governments are owned by them so Solar is the answer. More expensive and have to be replaced after their shelf-life is done.
    Makes me wonder where people's heads are stuck way up into. If I had the money I would pursue large-scale Earth Battery construction projects... but it would be my death warrant signed by the Climate Change idiots and co-signed by solar and nuclear and oil industry greed-fucks.
    Just one of many documents on the Earth Battery Technology

    Fun YouTube on Earth Batteries
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  31. Health Comments

  32. Health is worth more than wealth. It is actually the only true currency because without it there is nothing.
    Fear is a great foe of health that weakens the immune system. Sleep is the best healer of many ailments combined with plenty of protein and nutrients and clean water and fresh air(not reingested CO2 from wearing masks). Exercising more than our mouth and fingertips is good too.
    Uh duh.
    Doctor Richard Fleming Medical Bombshell
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  33. Hydrogen is the Real Future and Safe, Clean Fuel

  34. The Hindenburg disaster was possibly caused by the aluminum paint on the surface of the skin of the "balloon" in an electrical storm and of course the hydrogen burned, silly.
    Fear is the greatest foe of growth. Changing a belief is virtually impossible.
    Build a Solar Hydrogen Fuel Cell System
    Buy Hydrogen Fuel Cells and other energy equipment
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  35. The Billionaires Crisis

  36. They need to be reeled in. They are meddlers. They meddle in politics, medicine, administration of laws, stock markets, commodity markets, food and water supplies, fuel and energy, technology, land/real estate, YOU NAME IT. FUCK. Their filthy crab scratchers are in all our pies and they don't even bother to scrub the crabs out from under their fingernails beforehand. Their meddling-damages last for generations after they grace the planet with their exit.
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  37. Electric Vehicles - Follies and Fallacies

  38. The electric producers are drooling like dogs and tugging at their chains with a steak just out of reach.
    Many points need to be made on this topic. I'll start with this one: Once demand increases then the prices of electricity will soar, fucking the middle and lower classes with unafordable electricity. Just one point of many points that you "climate-conscious" hippies and yippies and yuppies and most Hollywood types don't think about, don't care about, and/or are too stupid and close-minded to grasp anyway cuz you likely have more money than sense.
    If I stepped on your toes then why are you still standing there?.
    The electric car industry is doomed to failure. The whole concept is fraught with defective concepts and idealistic self-deceptions.
    Hybrid hydrogen-fueled internal combustion engines and battery powered electric motors are the ideal mix.
    Some form of Sterling engine alternative? Time will tell.
    Antigravity vehicles are possible but not for another century. People have too much to waste to let all that potential waste to go to waste.
    Production of Lithium for "clean" energy according to Wikipedia
    Environmental issues
    The manufacturing processes of lithium, including the solvent and mining waste, presents significant environmental and health hazards.[135][136] [137] Lithium extraction can be fatal to aquatic life due to water pollution.[138] It is known to cause surface water contamination, drinking water contamination, respiratory problems, ecosystem degradation and landscape damage.[135] It also leads to unsustainable water consumption in arid regions (1.9 million liters per ton of lithium).[135] Massive byproduct generation of lithium extraction also presents unsolved problems, such as large amounts of magnesium and lime waste.[139]
    In the United States, there is active competition between environmentally catastrophic open-pit mining, mountaintop removal mining and less damaging brine extraction mining in an effort to drastically expand domestic lithium mining capacity.[140] Environmental concerns include wildlife habitat degradation, potable water pollution including arsenic and antimony contamination, unsustainable water table reduction, and massive mining waste, including radioactive uranium byproduct and sulfuric acid discharge.
    Human rights issues
    A study of relationships between lithium extraction companies and indigenous peoples in Argentina indicated that the state may not have protected indigenous peoples' right to free prior and informed consent, and that extraction companies generally controlled community access to information and set the terms for discussion of the projects and benefit sharing.[141]
    Development of the Thacker Pass lithium mine in Nevada, USA has met with protests and lawsuits from several indigenous tribes who have said they were not provided free prior and informed consent and that the project threatens cultural and sacred sites.[142] They have also expressed concerns that development of the project will create risks to indigenous women, because resource extraction is linked to missing and murdered indigenous women.[143] Protestors have been occupying the site of the proposed mine since January, 2021.[144][140]
    Over the years opinions have been differing about potential growth. A 2008 study concluded that "realistically achievable lithium carbonate production would be sufficient for only a small fraction of future PHEV and EV global market requirements", that "demand from the portable electronics sector will absorb much of the planned production increases in the next decade", and that "mass production of lithium carbonate is not environmentally sound, it will cause irreparable ecological damage to ecosystems that should be protected and that LiIon propulsion is incompatible with the notion of the 'Green Car'".[51]
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  39. The USA "Justus" System

  40. The highest per-capita prison population in the world. So crime DOES pay. It pays bought-off politicians, companies getting cheap labor contracts with the for-profit prisons, the prison operations suppliers of food, medical supplies, toiletries, clothing, uniforms, bedding, lighting; the list goes on and on and on.
    All the judges and lawyers and guards and parole boards and parole officers and psychiatric counselors and doctors and nurses. Hell, what a fantastic opportunity for all involved....an investors market. Come on folks, let's keep crime booming.
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  41. The Criminal Mainstream News Media Fabricators, Opinion Manufacturers

  42. The fact-checker corporations use the opposite of the scientific method:: principles and procedures for the systematic pursuit of knowledge involving the recognition and formulation of a problem, the collection of data through observation and experiment, and the formulation and testing of hypotheses. These "fact-checkers" do the process backwards. They begin with the outcome and then bend their stories to fit the pre-set outcome. Like saying, for example, that gravity doesn't exist and then setting out the "proof" based on made-up "facts".
    Everything they say is scripted for them. If you swap between the various, popular news channels, notice the talking points are the same, often verbatim word-for-word repetition. Notice also that the self-proclaimed "fact-checkers" ALWAYS support the narrative.
    01/06/2021 This is an ongoing coup, the status-quo politicians and giant corporations were behind the so-called "insurrection" and have over 640 people in jail without bond, most of whom are innocent dupes. The real criminals bolstered and protected by the FBI are free because this whole operation was orchestrated by the FBI. You will NEVER hear the truth on the brainwash boob tube.

    Hugo Talks Digital Trap
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  43. The devil's Greatest Trick

  44. They say that the devil's greatest trick is convincing you he doesn't exist. Well, he is a crafty fuck and keeps abreast of technology via his millions of slaves/minions/acolytes who have happily traded their souls for a mortal moment of "power".
    Many searches you do, no matter which search engine you use, have been massaged and filtered and manipulated to give you the agenda-setter's filtered results. Makes you sick once you notice this! Some searches are so manipulated that many sites are blocked completely or bumped so many thousands of pages down that you will never have the time to dig through the layers of shit pre-programmed to discourage you.
    They really put a lot of time and pay "fact checkers" to spend much time creating the propaganda, the shit, that they feed the baby bird's open beaks.
    Better learn to think and to mistrust before they perfect the destruction of those aspects of freedom still left.
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  45. The Opioid Crisis; Big Pharmafia, CIA, and who else is responsible?

  46. I doubt MS13 would be anything but low-lifes on the lower rungs out for profit. The big fish are big governments and big corporations. Keep in mind that legal medicines and medical errors kill over 100,000 people per year in the USA alone and with the covid jabs this number is skyrocketing.
    With the ancilliary "medical" industries making a killing(literally and financially) the scam seems unstoppable.
    I suppose they think "they're all going to die anyway so what's wrong with making huge profits from it?"
    If investors had any decency or integrity the massive machine would not be thriving. But so many people are addicted to money no matter who suffers but even serial killers rationalize their own actions.
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  47. The Daily Miracle

  48. I cannot yet find an article on an Italian healer I heard of who died a few years ago who was given Sainthood by the Catholic church. I am not Catholic but that is not material.
    When I heard of this man somewhere on the Internet I didn't pay much attention but I was impressed to read that people traveled to him and received healing. I firmly believe this and I do not care if you believe it. I do not actually believe he was a healer, I KNOW it.
    When I come across more information about him I will update the information here.
    One pretty thing I remember; that someone asked him how he performed miracles and his reply was "Life is the miracle."
    I have struggled all of my adult life with alcoholism. It is in my blood, having Indian(American), Irish, Scottish, English and German genes it just had to be.
    I have been through all the "solutions".....hundreds, including a 30 day stint in rehab which helped for about 2 years but I slipped once after that and the cycle resumed.
    AA works for some people but having been forced into 100 meetings by a court and having gone to meetings voluntarily I stayed sober during all of the meetings. 100%. It was the afters that always got(get) me.
    AA meetings have even caused me to slip after months of sobriety, not even thinking much about drinking but shortly after a meeting and BAM, here I go again.
    Saying "no" doesn't work, logic fails, not thinking about it works for a while(until you think about it). Asking God or your "Higher Power", well, to each their own. Whatever works. This has worked for me until it doesn't.
    There is no solution to drug addiction. Once an addict, always an addict until death ends it... I think. Who knows? Maybe addiction survives death.
    I do not rely on my long history of bad alcohol experiences(damages) to deter me. If nothing else, my bad history itself has caused me to fall off the wagon many times and wallow in self-pity.
    All I do anymore to "control" it is ask my God for a miracle every day and thank Him for yesterday's miracle.
    I dare not interfere or it will spell immediate doom. Fear is my enemy too so I avoid fear of failure.
    In rehab they say "Let go and let god" so this is the basic principle no matter what spiritual "beliefs/dis-beliefs" we have.
    The daily miracle for each of us is unique to each and applies to all issues we are having. Even those of you who worship the devil, or money or sex or drugs or whatever god you worship(love), what you love is what guides you.
    If darkness and evil is what you love then good for you cuz that Karmic rubberband always snaps back. Ya know, Newton's law of cause and effect.
    Gratitude is a vital ingredient. Gratitude for every little thing, even the bad shit too. Bad shit can be a motivator. Too much at once can kill you so we have to be careful. The saying, "You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone" is simple truth we easily forget.
    Whatever you think, do, avoid, love, hate, enjoy, need, there is the miracle: LIFE.
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  49. The War Veterans Suicide Pandemic is Ignored by the Media

  50. Approximately 100,000 since 911 but do you ever hear about this?
    Yes I know this may seem callous but if you indeed are too miserable to want to live anymore(and I know how that is, from personal experience), Suicide by Cov-Vax may be a noble, though painful way to go out but the increased numbers of death by vax will help bring awareness to this fucked up reality of the vaxdemic. I don't want any vet to kill themselves but if you do, at least make it count.
    Suicide by Cop is probably faster but will only serve to bring attention to the wrong things.
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  51. Eugenicists

  52. Bates says he wants to kill 10 million excess people a year
    Un-fucking believable! All us who are not part of the club are EXCESS PEOPLE huh? You mutherfuker! FUCK YOU KILL GILL BATES OF HELL! FUCK YOU!!! Bates, you and the rest of your ilk are a bunch of slimy cunt twat pussies. Sorry, I don't mean to insult those who are pussies, but are kind pussies.
    Here is a good idea: Let's make use of the eugenicist's bodies because their souls are rotted. Let's donate the bodies to cannibal tribes. That way the cannibals are making important contributions to humanity. But, but, maybe the meat from eugenists is rancid even after thorough cooking. God protect the cannibals!
    Where in impotent congress? They brought Bates in for some antitrust shit when he was head of Microshaft but then now he talks of killing millions of people(in multiple speeches) and congress is mum. Crickets. Why? WHY?
    Their inaction means that they are in support of mass genocide OR, maybe, they fear committing suicide in a plane crash or by a few bullets in the back, or hanging themselves in their mother's garage. OR the bribes are just too good to pass up, OR maybe the congress shits have too much blackmail material hanging over their heads.
    If you'll remember, Bates was buddy buddy with Epstein(the master blackmailer).
    Most congress turds are arrogant, narcissistic, corrupt, lazy, inept, selfish and greedy leeches anyway so what can we expect?
    Here is my message to those of you who want to kill off most of the human population, to cull the herd; people like Gill Bates, Dr. Mylo Canderian, Ph.D., "America's Doctor Death" Fauxci, George Soros and son, Klaus Schwab, Henry Kissinger, Ted Turner, and all the thousands of you elitist scum: my message to you thousands of elitist scum who dream of your utopia:
    It is YOU who are, as you like to call the rest of us, the useless eaters. But you are worse than "useless eaters", you are sociopathic, narcissistic destroyers.
    I call on you, no, I DEMAND that you kill your spouses/partners, and your children and grandchildren and all their family members before you kill yourselves as public exhibitions so that your acolytes will have guidance and direction on how to kill themselves and their families too. All you fucks are worth no more than any other corpses.
    Are your children and grandchildren and their families innocent? More innocent than the millions of others you advocate to murder?
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  53. Real Humor
    Letter from the Office of the Resident (O.R.)
    DATE : 20 JANUARY 2021

    Since the "CONCEPTUALIZED ORGANISM VERSION INVENTION DECEPTION" (C.O.V.I.D.) plan... uh, pandemic began, please be advised that you have been invited to attend the voluntary, though mandatory "SPECIAL HIGH INTENSITY TRAINING" (S.H.I.T.) program which will enable you to attain the highest levels of service quality and subservience in the world.
    It is our primary objective to equip all subjects with more S.H.I.T. than anyone else in the world.
    Subjects who have previously undergone this program and are already full of S.H.I.T. are qualified to train others on the basic rudiments of the program called "BASIC UNDERSTANDING LECTURE LIST of SPECIAL HIGH INTENSITY TRAINING PROGRAM" (B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T.). For details, please see the:

    Please be warned that any subject who fails to S.H.I.T. will be automatically placed on "DEPARTMENTAL [in]EPTITUDE EVALUATION & PROBATION of SPECIAL HIGH INTENSITY TRAINING PROGRAM" (D.E.E.P.S.H.I.T.)

    Furthermore, any subject who fails to take D.E.E.P.S.H.I.T. seriously will have to take the one month comprehensive course on "SUBJECT ATTITUDE TRAINING ON SPECIAL HIGH INTENSITY TRAINING" (S.A.T.O.N.S.H.I.T.)

    All attendees are required to show your "PROOF OF VACCINATION" (P.O.V.) nude photo ID in order to be allowed entrance and wear a "MORONIC ACCOUTREMENT SUFFOCATION KORUNA" (M.A.S.K.) at all times and maintain a social distance of 60 feet from everyone else.
    Never forget, you live in the the most free nation in the world, IN HISTORY.
    Remember, attendance is voluntary, though mandatory, as decreed by the King's edict.
    Should you require clarifications on this matter, please direct them to:
    HEAD OF TRAINING for SPECIAL HIGH INTENSITY TRAINING (H.O.T.S.H.I.T.) for your compliance directives.
    Dispatched from the office of the Boss-in-General, Conceptualized Organism Version Invention Deception Special High Intensity Training

    If we have to ask ourself something then how can we expect an intelligent answer cuz it is the same one who doesnt know the answer asking the one who doesnt know the answer?

    What do you call extreme anxiety in a large populations?
    Mass turbation.

    What do you call a super smart super sexy blond chick?
    A foxymoron.

    Behind every man is a great woman. Hmmmmmm soooooo, the people who claim that if women were in control of governments there wouldn't be wars. Hey hey hey wait a sec. They blame males for wars yet say that behind every great man is a great woman. ERGO, by logic, all wars are caused by women. Ya think if I have a woman on the rag I would deign to disobey her? Hell no. We men know our place when it comes to bitches.
    .... Come on people, Just kidding! (or AM I?)

    Puppet Show - Conspiracy Music Guru

    The Perks Of Being Biligual. Bengt Washburn - Full Special

    Nina Conti Live at the Apollo
    On sale now! Freeze Dried Water. Each 1 ounce packet is enough for 1 gallon of H2O.
    Easy to use. Just add pure water.
    Package of 12
    .44 cents/pk.
    Shipping weight:7 LBS.
    Find us on Amazon or at www.drywaterz.com

    Nina Conti and Monkey visit the Gynecologist

    Nina Conti Stand Up : Talk to the Hand Full Show

    Eric Lyden When You Have To Be The Center Of Attention.

    Dave Chappelle's 8 Funniest Jokes Ever

    T.his J.ab's F.or Y.ou
    Unwanted pregnancy but don't want people to find out you willfully got an abortion? Be a dignified victim instead. TJFY
    Feeling down and out and hate the depressing prospect of old age? TJFY
    Hate the prospect of returning to the drudgery of work after having so much time off since the pandemic started? TJFY
    Blood too thin and have to be buying those blood thickening drugs because you bleed too much? TJFY
    Feel like you never fit in with the crowd? Like an outcast? TJFY
    Feel like your life has no meaning in the eyes of God because you can never accomplish anything noble? TJFY
    In school but hate sports and need an excuse such as a heart condition in order to get out of participating? TJFY
    Want longer, more profuse periods? TJFY
    Post-menopausal and longing to reminisce about your younger years when you needed the pads? TJFY
    Like Sci-Fi, weird science, futuristic human experimentation and want to be an actual part of it NOW? TJFY
    Want to be noticed on Social Media but nobody really seems to know you exist? TJFY
    Just plain tired of life and want to end it but are afraid to kill yourself? TJFY
    Want to be of service to God and country and humanity? TJFY
    Want people to remember you as one of the victims of the Great Covid Pandemic? TJFY
    Want a magnetic body to wear with your magnetic personality? TJFY
    Want permanent birth control without surgery or pills? TJFY
    Want protection from those evil, stupid and dangerous unvaccinated lowlife scumbags? TJFY
    Want to suffer less while you die from co-morbidities? TJFY
    WOW. The jab has so many positives and applications that I can't mention them all here. I can think of no negatives. So, man-up.....woops, woman-up.....woops, sorry, PERSON-UP and get the jab today because everyone who is anyone is on TV saying
    "Get the vaccine. It is safe. It works!"
    TJFY - This Jab's For You -

    Cummins Cider - Wouldn't you just love some nice, warm Cummins Cider right now? -
    With the holidays coming sooner than you think, egg nog(milk punch) is passé, wouldn't you agree?
    Cummins Cider is SODESIRABLE for you and your mate and is so tasty in her mouth that she will want to dance it over her taste buds and not swallow too soon. And it feels SOGOOD going down, warming her to the core.
    Imagine, a cold winter night. You and her on that soft rug in front of the romantic, crackling fire in the fireplace; the perfect time to get your Cummins Cider.
    Guys, when you have plenty of Cummins Cider you will feel a sense of pride and success. Hold it between her legs, keep it warm and don't spill a drop when you slurp it up. YUMMY! And don't forget to get your own copy of "69 Ways to Enjoy Cummins Cider" from Going Down Press.

    How important is importance? We all must agree on something, at least, since we seem to be divided on everything important, we have to recognize how important importance is. What is important to remember is that importance is unimportant. What is important to me is not important to you and vice-versa so each cancels out the other so why bother? :)

    Vaxer vs Non-Vaxer(abbrev. "V" and "NV"):
    V The Covid vaccines are safe and work.
    NV First of all, they are not even vaccines; they do not prevent you from catching the virus(if there even was a virus) AND they are not safe.
    V Are Too
    NV Are not
    V Are Too
    NV Are not
    V Are Too
    NV Are not
    V You're stupid.....and dangerous to me and everyone else.
    NV No, YOU are stupid and dangerous to everyone.
    V YOU are S.T.U.P.I.D. !!
    NV Am not
    V Are Too
    NV Am not
    V Are Too
    NV Am not
    V Are Too
    NV Am not
    V Are Too
    NV Am not
    V Are Too
    V I'm tellin' Mama
    NV Well you could, if the vaccine hadn't killed her
    V Did not
    NV Did Too
    V Did not
    NV Did Too
    V Did not
    NV Did Too
    V Did not
    NV You're stupid
    V Am not
    NV Are Too
    V Am not
    NV Are Too
    V Am not
    NV Are Too
    V Am not
    NV Are Too
    V I hate you

    Social distancing that works 100% of the time: 6 feet apart and six feet under.
    When the vaxes kill you the social distancing kicks in. This is the new normal, don'cha know?

    They claim Einstein said, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result." Wonder how many tries it took him in his mind to come up with that shallow spark of inspiration with his gedankenexperiment.
    So, I suppose sanity is doing the same thing over and over again and actually gettin' different results, huh?

    They say, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." Bullshit.
    What don't kill you leaves you all kinds of fucked up.

    And another pile of BS: "Necessity is the mother of invention." No it ain't.
    Necessity is just a MUTHER.

    Join FA(Farters(or Flatulators)Anonymous)
    Let a poot. Pass gas. Cut the cheese. Cut one. Cut a fart. Let flee a fart. Let one. Let a windy. Let 'er rip.
    IF the totalitarian government ever allows you in a church again, be aware, your farts may be silent but are still deadly. Even a triple covid clown mask is no match for those.
    Pews. Well, they are made of smooth wood for a reason. They do not absorb the odours. Still, I wouldn't recommend you put your nose to one; there is a reason why they are called "pews".
    GOT GAS? It's okay, all us mammals do it. If you have uncontrollable fartations then join FA. We can't block gas but you can at least be a part of a group of fart starts who know how it is.
    Ever notice how female farts are dainty while male farts are manly?
    There are many cuts(strains) of farts and many sub-strains too extensive to list here but I'll try to name a few:
    The squeeker These are especially cute and usually cut by gals.
    The machine gun Ratttt a tat tat tat tatt tatt tattt.
    The A-Bomb Hey, if you got it, flaunt it. Let 'er rip for all to have a laugh about(and pray it isn't a stinker).
    The master blaster Similar to the A-Bomb just not as loud.
    The extended repeater These can last a while. If you're in bed under the covers with your partner, be considerate and get up beforehand.
    The beano-buster You had your Beano but feel the gas moving toward the exit. Oh hell, oh well.
    The silent but deadly Don't do it, dooooonnnnn't do it. Unless you're in an elevator or classroom or traincar or bus or plane, get out for the sake of those around you. God help us all.
    The sudden slip These are one of them thare thangs you never want and never expect. If you can fake scooting a chair, that might work.
    The ease-out These require some skill and practice but are very usefull in public places. Try to time them to fit the surrounding sounds.
    The multi-part symphony Comes with bass and kettle drums, tubas, trombones, barritones and bassoons and barritone sax. Play it. Play it.

    Question. Is there anything in nature except lightening and thunder that has as much variety as this assnomenon?
    If you feel shame, have hit rock bottom, lost respect, broken relationships and lost jobs, lost self-respect, any of many common social ills caused by your large outlet sphincter, do not feel alone. Visit a FA meeting. All genders welcome. Totally anonymous.
    BYOGM (bring your own gas mask) or take your chances.
    If you cut one in group we can all laugh with you, not AT you.
    Health notice: It is unsafe and unhealthy to hold them in.
    NOTE: Advice to the elderly. Never trust a fart.

    Sky Patrol Can anybody pronounce "aliens"? hahahahahaha It just occurred to me: Why is there no Sky Patrol, like Border Patrol, to catch these sky border jumpers? And, are THEY illegal aliens?
    Hmmmmm wouldn't do any good anyway cuz the Resident would emasculate the Sky Patrol officers(probably literally) and turn the males into trannies.
    He would abound in dicks and balls to graft onto the ex-female Sky Patrol creatures... a win win
    Then he would have the Sky Patrol babysit the alien babies and have Drag Queen Alien Story Hours for the tykes.
    Will we use our conventional transportation methods to relocate the aliens to other states and give them automatic voter registrations?
    Will the aliens help us out with transportation on their spaceships? Will the US Spaceforce assist? So many questions!
    What's next? GLM? We need to acknowledge that Green Lives should matter too.

    Let's have some real humor, not SNL style political, fake humor that people laugh at cuz they think it is what they are supposed to do. Poking fun at people with cheap shots is not very funny. There are still some real comedians out there.

    Bengt Washburn - Crossed Eyed Cheetahs and Mastodon Pizza

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  55. I am an ANTI-VAXER. MY BODY, MY CHOICE!!!(only one or two exceptions which are real and effective; i.e. tetanus, meningitis).

  56. Want the truth or are the lies just too comforting?
    new additionImmunization with SARS Coronavirus Vaccines Leads to Pulmonary Immunopathology on Challenge with the SARS(COv2) Virus(PDF)
    COVID-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease(PDF) new addition
    I share my own VAX experiences:
    Firstly:Statistic as of 12-15-21 1 out of 44 children are diagnosed with autism. NATURAL? Fuck no! The vaccines are THE SOLE CAUSE.
    When I started first grade at 5 years old(we didn't have forced early indoctrination of pre-school and Kindergarten) I got the basic shots which were measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, small pox and “DTP”(Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio). Fortunately I didn't get polio as did many in my generation and I never got small pox, but I, along with my 2 brothers and sister got mumps simultaneously and layed in bed a few days swollen like frogs. Our parents didn't catch the mumps from us. They didn't "catch" mumps because they didn't get the jab. I later caught measles and had an annoying, itchy rash on my belly for a few days and went to school anyway. The rash went away on its own. I probably got rubella too but it must have been mild because I never noticed it.
    During my first years in grade school I started getting serious ear infections which made me completely deaf several times and were extremely painful. This eventually stopped but then returned when I was in my early twenties and then again in my mid-thirties, both times causing me complete deafness and ruptured eardrums.
    The jabs caused me to get mumps and measles and caused an extended issue with ear infections. I am still not affected by the aftereffects of chicken pox which is notorious for causing shingles many years later. I must have a pretty strong immune system to have withstood much of the effects of vaccines but NEVER AGAIN will you jab me with your poisons! My immune system was just fine until you started fucking with it.
    I have had an extreme nervous condition ever since I can remember. Logic tells me that something in the childhood vaccines caused this condition which has plagued me all my life.
    We have a problem in society(which means, a problem in our own character) in that we relinquish our autonomy to authority figures and this results in things such as mercury being a prescribed remedy for many ailments by the educated doctors over a century ago. The doctors were revered and their authority accepted. This goes on in many aspects of our lives and the bad people see this weakness and take advantage of us. Lead water pipes, water fluoridation, extreme versions of synthesized opiate derivatives, nuclear energy, global warming, high-energy wifi, cigarettes, vaccinations......the scams are ubiquitous. Heroin was invented to cure opium addiction. Cocaine was the excellent ingredient in Coca Cola(cocaine from the coca plant). We get fed so much bullshit by scammers so relentlessly that we, being obedient, good kids, are always the prime targets, the low hanging fruit for filthy scumbags out for advantage and power and profit.
    Only thing I can figure is that even if they don't have a conscience they still have this human urge to rationalize their actions. A common rationalization is that we are all going to die anyway so it doesn't matter who dies nor how they die. Serial killers rationalize too, ya know.
    This covid scam being forced on people is a giant money and power grab worldwide. The so-called vaccines are not even meant to prevent covid anyway(as admitted by the producers) and have not gone through more animal testing since all the animals they tested died from the shots so "Hey, let's just give the shots to the human cattle."
    My statement to you greedy, evil fucks is GO FUCK YOURSELVES because the vaccines will not fuck YOU over because you have not and will not even take the shots yourselves! You are all selfish and evil and greedy but not stupid.
    poll on "I am an ANTI-VAXER. MY BODY, MY CHOICE!!!" was begun 11-23-21. Click circle to vote (your first vote may run slow but won't affect browsing)
  57. Here I share a letter from Doctor Ron Paul on 7/15/21:
    Dear Michael,
    There must be a mistake. I noticed you haven’t signed the petition to stop a nationwide COVID-19 vaccination database, just as the health tyrants are ramping up their hateful rhetoric toward the “unvaccinated” once again.
    There seems to be an endless stream of fearmongers demanding the loss of all rights of those who have opted out of Big Pharmafia’s experimental first-of-its-kind COVID shot.
    Earlier this week, Former Secretary of Health and Human Services under President Barack Obama, Kathleen Sebelius, was seen on CNN saying Americans must either take the COVID injection or lose their ability to work or be around children.
    But that is the narrative they are pushing to the American people: get the jab or lose your job and lose contact with your own children!
    Michael, these tyrants can’t force medical intervention on every American if they can’t identify who has had the shot and who hasn’t.
    That’s why it’s so critical you and I stop them from building a federal vaccine database.
    Your medical history should be private -- free from the prying eyes of the statists in D.C.
    In the end, I believe personal liberty will prevail, but not without a fight from you and me.
    Please sign your petition to stop a vaccine database before it can be used for mandatory COVID shots. For liberty,
    ________Forwarded Message________ Campaign for Liberty
    Dear Michael,
    President Biden and Anthony Fauci’s medical tyranny is ramping up to levels we have never seen.
    They’re trying to tighten the noose around our necks, just as their rope is unraveling.
    Desperate times for Biden and Fauci mean very dangerous times for you and me.
    In just the last week, we have seen unprecedented moves to destroy health freedom through proposed mandates and even total censorship of person-to-person communications about vaccination risks.
    And that all comes on the heels of the U.S. Armed Forces announcing they’ll likely make the shots mandatory for soldiers in the fall.
    Last week it was announced by the Biden administration that they would be using federal dollars to conduct a nationwide door-to-door investigation into who has been vaccinated . . . and who hasn’t.
    The fact that they’re ramping up this campaign nationally indicates they could be starting a national COVID vaccination database -- if they haven’t done so already -- so the canvassers can identify the “refusers.”
    And if you’re in the database as a “non-vaccinated,” you can only imagine how that will be held against you.
    Biden’s Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, even called their army of experimental vaccine pushers a “Strike Force.”
    The definition of a strike force is “a military force equipped and organized for sudden attack.”
    Does President Biden consider those who refuse the Big Pharma jab military targets?
    Not to be outdone, Anthony Fauci, who many are crediting with funding the creation of COVID-19 in laboratories both in our country and in Wuhan, China, is now saying people need to “get over it” and get the COVID jabs, despite the fact that the FDA announced yesterday one of them is causing a serious auto-immune disorder. Fauci said,
    “You’ve gotta ask: What is the problem? Get over it. Get over this political statement.”
    Fauci then went on to call for local COVID vaccine mandates, even though the FDA just confirmed an increasing number of people are developing Guillain Barre Syndrome after taking at least one type of these jabs.
    What Fauci calls a “political” statement is what the rest of us call freedom of choice and medical privacy.
    Below is a picture of so-called strike force members going door-to-door outside of Los Angeles, CA pushing the experimental COVID jab, taken yesterday.
    Michael, they are losing their cool with a large number of Americans for refusing the jab and we need to cut off their ability to establish a federal vaccine database right now!
    Many of you have stepped up and signed a petition to slow down or stop the draconian policies. Now I’m asking you again to take action.
    Sign the petition to your U.S. Senators and Representative to STOP a nationwide vaccination database.
    You and I MUST stop this vaccine tyranny NOW, and we don’t have much time! Once the federal government can track your personal medical decisions, there is no end to the tyranny that will bring! While the vaccination strike forces go door-to-door with their Big Pharma propaganda, Biden allies, including the Democrat National Committee (DNC) will be working to censor your text messages to friends and family about the experimental jabs if you don’t say the “right thing” and engage in “wrongthink!” Maybe you thought it was just Facebook or Twitter censoring your posts or “fact checking” your personal views. Now it’s going a huge step further. According to a Politico article yesterday: Biden allied groups, including the Democratic National Committee, are also planning to engage fact-checkers more aggressively and work with SMS carriers to dispel misinformation about vaccines that is sent over social media and text messages. Is this an admission that they’re reading all of our text messages? This is outrageous! The article continues with a quote from another Biden mouthpiece: “We are steadfastly committed to keeping politics out of the effort to get every American vaccinated so that we can save lives and help our economy further recover,” White House spokesperson Kevin Munoz said. “When we see deliberate efforts to spread misinformation, we view that as an impediment to the country's public health and will not shy away from calling that out.” Michael, what they are saying is that if you send a personal text message to a friend or family member that doesn’t go along with their narrative, your message could be deleted or marked as being “fake news.” They’re willing to snoop in our text messages, censor our person-to-person communications, and violate just about all our civil liberties just to push for “every American” to get an experimental shot? Michael, these people are completely out of control! We have no choice but to push back now before they clamp down even harder. Sign the petition to stop a federal vaccine database at once! Even if these vaccinations had no side effects whatsoever, which is certainly NOT the case going all the way back to the rushed trials, the medical and ethical standard is still our freedom of choice about what we put in our bodies. The shameful statements being made about mandating these shots without regard to one’s ability to medically tolerate it are truly disgusting. And what about those who already have antibodies because they’ve already had and recovered from COVID? Yet former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has publicly stated that it should be mandatory for all members of the military. And it took the “Godfather of the Pandemic,” Anthony Fauci, who funded the efforts to create COVID, just about a week to suggest there should be local mandates so EVERYONE is required to get it. These people are losing their minds. It’s time for you and me to DEMAND Congress put them in their place. If you’ve stepped up and signed a petition recently, thank you. And now I’m asking you to sign this petition to ban a national vaccine database at once! This could be their last desperate attempt to bring in all-out medical tyranny, which means the pushback must be our biggest yet. I’m counting on you to take action. For Liberty, Ron Paul Chairman P.S. It’s becoming clear that making the COVID vaccination mandatory through whatever means necessary is the goal of the medical tyrants. They’re getting so desperate to hit their goals that vaccination strike teams are now canvassing our neighborhoods to bully and record those who have opted out. We must push back now. Sign the Petition!
  58. __________________________________________________________
    The mission of Campaign for Liberty is to promote and defend the great American principles of individual liberty, constitutional government, sound money, free markets, and a constitutional foreign policy, by means of education, issue advocacy, and grassroots mobilization. Because of Campaign For Liberty's tax-exempt status under IRC Sec. 501(C)(4) and its state and federal legislative activities, contributions are not tax deductible as charitable contributions (IRC § 170) or as business deductions (IRC § 162(e)(1)). www.CampaignForLiberty.org This message was intended for xxxxxxxx@aol.com You were added to the system March 4, 2016 [More information]. View this email as a web page. Update your preferences | Unsubscribe
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  59. Humans are fucking with Mother Nature

  60. Dude(looks like a lady) Fauxci is a madman, a soulless fraud. Stupid and dangerous and a true embodiment of evil laughing in your face. Since governments and corporations and the Mass Media are supporting this madman then they are ALL culpable of this mass genocide. Some people are sheep following the flock, some are wolves menacing the flock, some are shepherds, but most actually love power and love to see mass death... it is sport to them. I won't mention names, Cuomo. Many people are making riches beyond dreams and care not about their victims' wellbeing one single bit. Selfish, greedy, evil cunts of every stripe.
    At any rate, God, or Nature or whatever force is above us will balance the scales when the time is right.
    I have noticed that when humans alter nature, nature fights back... She usually takes Her time. There are always consequences when we fuck with nature.
    This covid thing will go very very wrong because of the "vaccines" and their concomitant side effects, artificial chemicals made in laboratories from computer designed mRNA. Nature will balance the scales and humans will pay the price for trying to manipulate nature. Nature is already doing it with all the people dying and many people getting very serious, debilitating side-effects from the jabs. This situation will get much much much much worse!
    The NWO psychopaths and their blind, arrogant, stupid followers are creating the biggest disaster the world has ever known; bigger than any natural disaster, worse than any war, worse than the biggest natural cataclysm, worse than atomic bombs or fire bombs or even poison gas or nuclear waste. This is a massive bio-attack and it is amazing how so many people scramble to get the poison injected into themselves. FUCK. Jim Jones and his 900 followers look like a garden party by comparison. I do not exaggerate.
    The truth cannot stay hidden forever no matter how many lies are used to cover the truth by the mainstream(mafia) media co-conspirators.
    Millions of people will die soon and millions more once the vaccines long-term effects kick in and millions who survive will be sterile.
    Of course the MM Mafia Mainstream will continue to hide the truth about the numbers because they are intrinsic participants in the massive hoax.
    The evil, crazy psychopaths behind this are pushing extremely hard to get children and babies injected so that the ones who do not die will never be able to have children and will be stupid, and the ones who do have children: the babies will be born with horrible deformities.
    This is the work of satan himself, whether you believe in satan or not is irrelevant to the outcome.
    Remember: When humans alter nature, nature fights back......there are always consequences when we fuck with nature.
    All the people who are backing these "vaccines" are astoundingly stupid. Yes, STUPID.... by choice or by nature you are still stupid.
    Perhaps you are very smart in some areas but the brainwashing and peer coersion and fear has caused a big gap in your stream of continuity.
    Historians will be shaking their heads at this calamity and at human greed and rottenness and stupidity.
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  61. Stew Peters Interviews

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  63. Boycott Now

  64. Boycotts are the best votes us ordinary folks have and the easiest activist actions.
    My initial inclination for this section was to make a boycott table with a column name of the "Boycottees" and a column of boycott reasons but I decided to not be so inflammatory and specific. My reasons are mine as to whether a company or NGO or country or movement or whatever should be defunded with boycotting. Boycotts are our most powerful tools. With all the election frauds all over the planet we honest people have little, if any political power. Besides political power, economic power wielded by corporations and foundations and government agencies and more, often have greater impact on our lives than even governments in general.
    Of course, the most common boycott is the ceasing of purchases of a product or products of a certain brand. We do not see the immediate results but it could be compared to an attitude about littering. We could think, well one paper cup not thrown out the window will not make a difference, but small actions/inactions add up! By each of us ceasing to buy a product, or not shopping at a certain company, or not giving our money to a country or cause, multiplied by the millions of like-minded people can bring down giant entities. This principle applies to investments as well, but doing nothing to change our habits is just plain laziness.
    We are powerless to do anything about many things but why care about those things anyway? We do/not do what is within our powers and that is satisfying.
    I am guilty of the customer apathy and it takes specific efforts to change our habits. I used to buy products from one or two online suppliers only because they "always had what I needed". Since beginning to seek out new suppliers I am very very pleased. I often find better deals, better service and surprising variety.
    I use my boycott power against corporations too when they get out of line by swaying into political matters or claiming to support causes, or whatever. I swear, some of these CEO's and corporate board members and some stakeholders must have drank too much fluoride water, or their own chemicals they sell, or their brains are deprived of oxygen, or they got the wrong vaccines. You see the stupid decisions they make and it shows you that they sure as fuck were not the ones who built these billion-dollar corporations. A third grader is more proficient at math and logic than these fools. It actually embarrasses me to see the decisions made by some corporate executives. Same goes for Congressturds and JudgeMentals and Executivities(name them your own flavors), and many other people in positions of power.
    I'll add more to this article as ideas come to me.
    poll on "Boycott Now" was begun 11-23-21. Click circle to vote (your first vote may run slow but won't affect browsing)
    I just changed my own policy and will start listing who or what I boycott. These are my personal choices and I do not expect anyone to see my boycotts as leads to follow. I am sure millions of people do share my attitudes but millions also fear being blocked by their favorite(addictive) apps. Too bad for you if you are so enslaved.
    My Personal Boycotts...I'll be adding more
    Boycotted: Reason(s):
    ALL social media who censor anyone speaking the truth No explanation needed
    GMO vegetables/fruits/feeds Giant vegetables with NO flavor, long-term damage to human/animal genomes
    Walmart They get support from the government to survive while small businesses are destroyed. Used to be known as the "company store" for the peons and sharecroppers. Man are we fucked!
    Aluminum in foods/containers/cookware/VACCINES Brain Damage
    MSG(Monosodium Glutamate) Brain Damage, extreme addiction. Used in many restaurants and in chips, soups, bullions and MORE
    HFC(High Fructose Corn Syrup) Blood sugar alteration and obesity and extreme addiction
    Aspartame and Asulfame Potassium(gum, diet drinks and more) Poisonous effects too long to list here, extreme addiction
    Commercial Airlines TSA Infringements, masks, vaccines
    Fluoride huge list of damages to body including brain damage, used as rat poison too
    Amazon Another "Uh Duh" here. Impossible to totally boycott because sometimes items cannot be found anywhere else. :( One of the other "company stores".
    Mercury Known for over a century to be highly toxic yet still used today in vaccines as a "preservative"(Thiomersal) The CDC in their typical propagandistic fashion pretties it up as safe.  ᎣWant the truth?
    Crisco, margarines, and other hydrogenated oil trans fats Crisco grease was originally invented as a potential gear lubricant, but now it is "food"
    Mainstream propagandist and authoritarian social media platforms Faceblock, Shitter, Sinstagram and others YOU can name yourself. Censors and spies for the totalitarian regimes who are killing freedom worldwide.
    Sodas, jellies, frozen fruit juices, ice creams, candies, pies, cakes, salad dressing......most sweet "foods" Main ingredient: High fructose corn syrup! PUKE!
    Bayer/Monsanto and glyphosate(Roundup) and ALL Bayer products. Glyphosate(Agent Orange) was eventually banned for use in the Viet Nam war because of it's health hazards so hey, what does Monsanto do? Let's use it in the USA and other countries as a weedkiller and grain desiccator. Corruption is endemic in the US so they can get away with poisoning millions of people with this carcinogen to this very day. Almost impossible to boycott because this shit is on most of our grains and vegetables and fruits.
    Make-A-Wish Foundation Refuses To Grant Wishes to NON VAXED dying kids. They joined the Stupidemic scam Cult
    Google/Alexa/Siri, Yahoo, Bing and a few other Internet search services Censorship of truth and manipulated search results designed to manipulate and brainwash. These services have a few useful tools but I avoid doing any searches with them because I don't like being manipulated for some secret and nefarious agendas. Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant are many a lazy person's brain.
    Microsoft - All Products Gill Bates - Thats just one of the MANY messed up things about this corporation but Bates alone is enough reason to boycott them.
    All Pharmaceutical Corporations They are greedy and corrupt to the core and 99% of what they create is harmful to animal and human health. The 1% left has SOME redeeming value in certain extreme circumstances.
    Politicians, Actors, Musicians, Entertainers, Writers, Artists, "Scientists", Religious leaders... all those loudmouths who get on media and spout the same scripted drivel about the CB "vaccines" These people get paid to get in front of cameras and spout BS and are dumber than dirt and just want self-aggrandizement and want to appear "trendy" and popular. I dump all of their material and will not give them anymore of my money, nor praise nor respect... and the ones who spout this shit for free are even dumber than the rocks they were born under. The jabs the loudmouths get are, in most cases, only saline anyway. Those of them who have the guts to admit they were wrong about the vaccine scam do renew my hope and respect for them.
    Covid "treatments". Ventilators and Remdesivir and Midazolam Midazolam can slow or stop your breathing, especially if you have recently used an opioid medication. Midazolam is given in a hospital, dentist office, or other clinic setting where your vital signs can be watched closely. Used in lethal injection executions, covid "treatments". Ventilators are simply KILL MACHINES. Remdesivir(the favorite kill drug of Bates and Fauxci for covid AND AIDS), sold under the brand name Veklury causes kidney failure, damages the liver, and has other dangerous potential side-effects.
    CDC Corporation for Death Control and Promotion is a corporation, under the aegis of congressional edicts by the corrupt and rotting corpse of congress. The CDC is a corporation acting as a pseudo government(propaganda) agency who only has power because they pay off the right people. They own patents on viruses, vaccines and other drugs and issue instructions to Medical Doctors to follow vaccination rules which the CDC creates and the doctors follow them like inept followers too fucking lazy and scared to go against the mighty CDC. The conflicts of interest within the CDC AND the FDA are blatant, but keep the congress turds and lobbyists paid off and everyone is happy, right? Hell, the mafia could sure learn a lot from these criminals. No wait, I misspoke, these people ARE mafia in the truest sense of the word.
    FDA stands for Fraud and Death Administration. Collude with food and drug manufacturers and are on sale to the highest bidders.
    WHO is the World Hypocrite Organization, largely funded by Gill Bates as well as food and drug manufacturers. This outfit is the arm-twister of countries which resist conformity to the WHO mandates on everything food and drug.
    FDA CDC WHO do the Ménage à Quatre sandwich in bed with the public in the middle.
    How to boycott? Control which doctors you use and read labels and understand ingredients(drugs, food, household chemicals).
    Netfux They are promoting pedophilia and other distorted, immoral crap and expose youth to this.
    Go Fuck Me They only accept funding for people who agree with their socialistic, fascistic, communistic leanings. So, Go Fuck YOU.
    poll on "My Personal Boycotts" was begun 11-23-21. Click circle to vote (your first vote may run slow but won't affect browsing)
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  65. The CDC and US Government Planned Concentration Camps

  66. This is their own, unaltered document:
    [the CDC Shielding Approach to totalitarian control]The Russian Gulags, The Nazi Camps, The US Japanese Internment Camps
    These mutherfukers are so arrogant they not only do not hide their evil plans, they BRAG about them, couching their evil in fancy, humanitarian hypocrite-speak. Guess we are really as stupid and gullible as they think we are.
    I downloaded their page so that I have the original for when they begin to alter their original or scrub it altogether.
    P.S. In case you are one of those "Snopeheads" who believes the "fact-checkers" I suggest you go crawl back into the hole you just came out of because there is no hope for your ilk. Enjoy your brain-rot.
    If I ever get forced into one of these camps I am sneaking out or busting out and will hurt anyone who tries to stop me.
    And the Zionist Jews have often complained incessantly about the Germans but now the Israeli government is treating their own citizens like cattle and the USSA is on the same path.
    Free, my ass!
    I am fucking sick of government threats and intimidation!
    They have everyone cowering like scared children.
    You say what about Canada, Australia, the UK, New Zealand? Well, the Queen's servants, serving at Her Majesty's pleasure... obedient little Potbelly Pigs. Australia(Fauxstralia) is still England's favorite prison colony.....a bit more sinister now that they imprison children and babies too.

    Interim Operational Considerations for Implementing the Shielding Approach to Prevent COVID-19 Infections in Humanitarian Settings
    new addition
    poll on "The CDC and US Government Planned Concentration Camps" was begun 11-23-21. Click circle to vote (your first vote may run slow but won't affect browsing)
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  67. The [un]Wanted  we need more addresses so please help if you can

  68. Name: Address(s) / Ph#(s) / Other Info Wanted For:
    Henry Kissinger
    666 Shit Rd.
    Bumfuck, NY
    Klaus Schwab
    666 Shit Rd.
    Bumfuck, NY
    Angela Merkel
    666 Shit Rd.
    Bumfuck, Germany
    Anthony Fauci
    666 Shit Rd.
    Bumfuck, NY
    Crimes Against Humanity Genocide Extortion
    Medical Malpractice Treason
    Bill de Blasio
    666 Shit Rd.
    Bumfuck, NY
    Bill Gates
    666 Shit Rd.
    Seattle, WA
    Crimes Against Humanity
    Boris Johnson
    666 Shit Rd.
    Bumfuck, UK
    Daniel Andrews
    666 Shit Rd.
    Bumfuck, AU
    Gavin Newsom
    666 Shit Rd.
    Bumfuck, CA
    George Soros
    Real Name:György Schwartz
    666 Shit Rd.
    Katonah, New York
    George W Bush
    666 Shit Rd.
    Bumfuck, TX
    Hillary Rodham Clinton
    15 Old House Ln
    Chappaqua, NY 10514
    William Jefferson "Bill" Clinton
    666 Shit Rd.
    Bumfuck, Bumfuck
    Crimes Against Humanity
     Murder Scumbagness
    Andrew Mark Cuomo
    228 Chestnut Ridge Rd
    Mount Kisco, NY 10549-4812
    Crimes Against Humanity
     Mass Murder Scumbagness
    Donald Trump
    666 Shit Rd.
    Bumfuck, NY
    Joe Biden
    666 Shit Rd.
    Bumfuck, NY
    Justin Trudeau
    666 Shit Rd.
    Bumfuck, Canada
    Kerry Gai Chant
    666 Shit Rd.
    Bumfuck, AU
    Matt Hancock
    666 Shit Rd.
    Bumfuck, UK
    Chris Whitty
    666 Shit Rd.
    Bumfuck, UK
    Nancy Pelosi
    666 Shit Rd.
    Bumfuck, CA
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    Fleetwood Mac Hypnotized

    ...there are lives in the balance...

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