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The Realms - Endo/Exo

© by Майкл Hapa
(English Translation)
Reality within and without - Post-life and Pre-life

  1. Life before life after life

  2.   In this writing I will try to convey some of my experiences as best I can so that you can start to get an idea of what awaits us when we "die". I had to make up some terms to describe it as best I can and I refer to existing terms that I have heard of also. I am not an expert writer in any of the languages I know and have known so those who want to break down my accounts along the lines of poor composition or grammatical incorrectness, well, you can bear with me or not read this. My truths are only comprehensible to the degree to which each person is capable of understanding within your own personal context. I do not write to convince anyone of anything. I provide my experiences and you can take them or leave them in part, whole, or none. I do hope you benefit from my accounts and have some fun at the same time. If I bounce around a lot at times, well, that's unavoidable because so many topics overlap and so I just do my best to show you things I know and have experienced.
    I am not writing of my lives to sway your beliefs. Truth is true no matter what we believe. It does not change no matter how much we may praise it or despise it or avoid it or fail to recognize it. Truth does not shape itself to conform to our whims. It is not relative. It has many sides and angles and attributes which we can understand and apply to our lives but if you alter it you are just deceiving yourself because it cannot be altered.
    The Endorealm is the ONLY reality. It contains all other realities as sub-realities. ENDO is composed of MIND enveloped in the eternal "time" and EXO is composed of matter enveloped in infinite space. Though Einstein had his doubts, space cannot be defined/limited.
    In ENDO there is "time" and "space" as measurements and these are required in order for action to occur. For example, in the life factories the engineers require space/time but this is just one simple example.
    I will try, by examples, to describe the workings of things in ENDO as I go along. Since this aspect of life, the endolife is a novel topic to most people then it will take time to even begin to see the picture. It is kindof like those pictures you may have seen where it just looks like a bunch of patterns, with practice and patience you will end up seeing the image that was there all along.
    The body is a temporary vehicle for the real, etheric body. Of course the physical body is real too but only on the lower energy realm of physical existence. In the higher energy realm where the essential body and mind exists there is no "time" and "space" and "mass" and therefore no mortality.
    In the Endorealm there are also levels of energy and, as in the Exorealm, the lower the energy level, the greater the density. The Exorealm is actually contained in the Endorealm, or rather, it is the lowest energy level of existence. On the atomic level there is actually no matter but rather, phases of energy waves which, when measured appear as particles. More on this as I go deeper into the different topics and accounts.
    The truth about Astrology Oh wow! Truth is all over the place, isn't it? So cool. So neat. So appropopo. Yet we file into line witht the "common knowledge". Evereybody know.
    The way time works in Endo, it is variable from one person to another. Same with distances. Desire is what makes times and distances change(differ).
    They say "You cannot prove God exists". I say "Prove to me he doesn't".
  3. What is the Value of Money?

  4.   The super-wealthy and thir manipulations in service to their god.
  5. Earth's Millennium 2100 collapses
    Earth's Millennium 2100 collapses.

  6.   I was born into this period of collapse about 30 years before the deterioration of society had become irreversible.
    All of the plans of the old Rockefeller and Rothschild clans and their minions were converging into the vortex they had created and nurtured and the destruction of humanity they had worked so hard to bring about seemed to be following the plan more or less as they had envisioned it. Humanity was, at last, circling the drain while their perpetrators stood, restrained in Endorealm, facing the era in Exorealm that they had created.
  7. Trading life for comfort.

  9. All communication is psychic

  11. The black light worshipers, their apparent(and always false) victories in controlling the world.
    Through coordinated rituals, incantations, child sacrifice and the consumption of their blood, fluids and flesh, these former humans trade their supernal bodies for corporeal and gain power and wealth and destroy true beauty.
    more later on this plus The DNA antenna linking the etheric mind/body to the corporeal brain/body.

  13. Etheric conveyance of DNA traits, pseudo-soul placeholders and Hitler's Jewish jeweler.

  15. The miracle light egg.

  17. UFO's in, UFO's out.

  18.    Believe it or not, there are still a lot of bipeds who do not believe in UFO's. This is a bit surprising to me since learning that the technologies employed to travel vast distances in Exorealm is really accomplished in Endorealm. More precisely, these feats of travel occur on the cusp of Endo and Exo where they skim across the surface.
    One time I recall "flying" in one saucer ship manned by what Earth witnesses refer to as "Greys". Some have said that the Greys are not friendly aliens and are dangerous but you can see how the reputation of whole races can be harmed by a few bad ones. The Greys I rode with were very friendly and generous and had a cool sense of humor. They would find hilarious things in nature which most of us Hominids fail to notice.
    To travel "between worlds" as some call it requires being in a physical body and removal of all hair. A "flash burn" depilatory is relatively painless. Having hair on your body while in the "skim" causes electrical buildup and thousands of tiny shocks on the skin and is, I hear, very very uncomfortable throughout the trip.
  19. Pangaea, Atlantis and Original Dirt Worship

  20.    The first time I "exo'ed"(incarnated) Atlantis was already a bustling city. I grew up there and I had lots of fun as a child. I lived an unremarkable life as per the standards of the time but I never suffered from hunger and my parents took great care of me. I can't remember much detail during any of most of my incarnations due to the limitations of the human, mechanical brain. However, when I rebirth into my ethereal(endo, soul) body I recall every detail just by desiring to recall.
    Before being attached to a body for an Exolife our memories are suppressed, not erased though. One reason that that happens is because the physical brain is basically capable of understanding and processing information in somewhat of a linear method, but true, eternal memories are recorded as units which are examined as wholes and a brain is incapable of this so all that is left to be able to be understood are seemingly nonsensical remnants which are readily, easily, and correctly ignored; if not shielded from these "pre-memories", we would be flooded with such overloads that we would be babbling, confused idiots. This shield is known as the Veil of Maya.
    While in the ENDOREALM we who are not slated for an upcoming EXOLIFE incarnation or are not in the purging field(where people are held in atonement and apology and cleansing) are allowed full access to the Akashic Records. Curious about the Pangaea continental drifts I went to the Atlantis record a few times. As the land separated over hundreds of years many Atlanteans remained in what was to become South America(as were, by the way, many Egyptians).
    Atlantis, with all their advanced technology were unable, nor even needed to save the city. The sinking of the city was slow and nobody perished from it. I personally feel that it was yet another intervention of Mother Nature when humans become too decadent and their technologies are guiding humans towards states of megalomania and ignoring the proper direction of movement toward the true, Endo-life progression. We all incarnate to learn. We are not meant to, nor allowed to become Gods, but still, so many of us miss the point.
  21. Witches Brews and Demonic Spells

  22.    Sad to say, this stuff is real. I have seen a few myself and am on the watchout inside my own mind for thoughts or emotions that do not belong to me.
    The sorcerers have been around forever, it seems. They are deceivers who manipulate the Exorealm in many ways.
    There is some truth in the legends of brews and incantations and spells and so forth but the witches themselves create these stories to make people believe that their black magic is laughable and children's stories or material for jokes and this is one of their many methods of deception and misdirection that cause people to drop their guard.
    We have heard of witches brews that contain the eye of a newt, lips of an Amazonian Tree Frog, the root of a Babble Bush, or WHATEVER garbage "information" that nobody takes seriously. Real brews contain herbal concoctions, mushrooms, poisons from reptiles, human(adult, infant, fetal, stem cell) blood or tissue, glandular extractions, metals, salts, hydrocarbons, and more. Brews have specific purposes and methods of application, most of which are detrimental to the perception of truth.
    Real sorcery/witchcraft is a science, or rather, effective in purpose. Some sorcery is performed in your face, that is to say, so openly that most people don't even see it for what it is because to call it some kind of sorcery will get you laughed out of the room.
  23. Black(EXO)Light/Truth vs. White(ENDO)Light/Truth

    Before you get your panties in a twist, this topic has nothing to do with ethnicity.
  25. God provides

    WE cause our reality, forward AND backward in time(if you still believe in linear time as the measure).
  27. Exo-life Control Demons and Psychopaths

  29. The Enduring Realm

  31. Communication is Psychic in the Endorealm with No "Languages" Used

  33. The Measurements of Time and Space in Eternal Endo-Life

  35. The Technology Myth

  37. The Time for Fun

  39. Egyptian Masters from Space

  41. Evolution and Adaptation

  42.    First of all, for you evolutionists and originalists, Spider Monkeys were not the predecessors to Gorillas. Monkeys of each species is specific.Bridge the rift, people. Come on. Humans are humans, gorillas, gorillas, etc. Scientism wants to brainwash children into thinking we came from monkeys, religionists claim we humans are distictly God's children made in His image alone.
    Shallow thinking gets us nowhere. We are supposed to be progressing towards understanding truth, not getting bogged down in dogma, scientific or otherwise.
  43. The Genetic Deception

  45. Breeding/Forming Slaves

  46.    I have been a slave in on several other planets as well as in multiple eras at multiple locations on Earth, in male and female form and various Races; Oriental, Negroid, Arab, Anglo, Caucasian, and others. All those times I never thought of my Race as being any factor. In almost all of those Exo's I was born into it so it was the life I knew and I generally just accepted it as my fate. I and my family always ate well and had decent sleeping accommodations. We had to work very hard sometimes but such is life.
    Slavery has always existed and will always exist because there are selfish people who find ways to take advantage of other people. Economic slavery is the most common form and the methods of control vary from epoch to epoch, culture to culture. All slavery is basically economic when you boil it down.
    I have starved to death in several Exolives. I cannot remember how many times since, with the natural limitations of my brain and the protective membrane of the Mayan Veil, many lives cannot be remembered. I have been killed in battles, as a bystander or while hiding as well as being soldiers in battles. I do not recall ever being a leader, but that IS possible too.
  47. The First Shall be Last

  49. Angels are "who's" too

    • Arch Angels

    • Exoangels: God's Emissaries

    •    Exoangels(The lesser Angels) are representatives of God and, in layman's terms, they have what you could call God's "Power of Attorney" and are generally unimpeded when making decisions in Exorealm events.
      Exoangels are born directly in existence just as each new life form is born into Exorealm with the exception that they do not come into this life in male/female pairs as are MOST creatures but are rather, always males. They are born un-noticed, as adults, and are blended seamlessly into society and are recognized for what they are only by other Exoangels. Their purposes are highly specialized assignments which must be completed before returning to Endorealm. Generally, when they return their "existence" is erased from the memory of those who "knew" them and their bodies simply dissipate from Exorealm.
    • The Nephilim of Exoangels

    •   Because Exoangels come into Exolife in human, male form they are endowed with as well as limited by human traits. Other than how they came into being here and how they leave they are, in essence, human in all other respects. God forbids them from procreating but as is with all creatures of free will, they sometimes disobey rules and get a human female pregnant and those females, unless they get an abortion, bear the children.
    • The Guardian Angels

    •   Guardian Angels are Angels who have been assigned to each individual in existence and remain with them forever.
      Despite what the name may seem to imply, they will not prevent harm from coming to you. Though they do sometimes intervene on your behalf they sometimes intervene to prevent you from crossing the bounds of Eternal Laws such as attempts to alter Absolute Truth.
  51. Belief is the major cause of ALL disease and health

  53. Dreams. Functions of the interface between Endolife and Exolife.

  55. Decadence: The Crowning Achievement of Civilization

  57. Miracles, Maladies and the Martians

  59. Journeys to Galaxies

  61. Charles, Me and the Stutz-Mack disaster

  62.    In Earth Year 1933 my friend Charlie and I(my name was Michelle in that EXO)were heading North on an unpaved main road on our way to Bozeman, Montana in Charlie's classic Stutz Bearcat. Our plan on this cross-country lark was to hit Bozeman, get drunk together again, spend the night in a hotel and then head any points eastward. Fate and a Mack Truck had other plans.
    It was nearing sundown. The rolling green hills were the most beautiful I had ever seen anywhere, striking such a beautiful chord in my soul that I felt God. Charlie let me drive his new car that day. I was a great driver and we both loved speed. It was funny. We looked like two bi-plane pilots and our aviator goggles kept getting splattered with grasshoppers and sundry flying and jumping insects. I swear I swallowed at least 3 bugs before I wised up and closed my mouth.
    The Mack came out of nowhere on a side road to my left. And here I had been a little worried this whole time about hitting a Moose. I never imagined the last thing I would see was a proud, metal Bulldog coming at my face.
    Believe it or not, it didn't hurt. Badly mangled bodies go into shock. It is nature's way of protecting our brains from the horror of trauma. My last thought was, "Oh Charlie, I am SO sorry."
    I died almost instantly and rose a short distance above my splattered body and, in slow motion the rest played out. As the driver made his exit from his cab, through the windshield and over the car, Charles was hurled into the truck grill on top of what was left of me. It took them a while to die and I knew they would soon join me so I thought to just hover and wait. When they started to rise and noticed ME, Charles knew what was going on and smiled at me. The trucker was stunned and just hung there, looking at the steamy, dusty wreckage. I could tell he was sad and confused. That is about all I can presently remember of our trip. I know that any time I am in the Ether Realm I can recall every detail of any thing I choose.
    In a later incarnation I was a boy and Charles was my older sister. She told me of a dream she had when we were in Montana and she was a young man and we were best friends on a road trip. Neither of us remembered the fatal accident though.
  63. Father Nature is The Endo Realm, Mother Nature is the other half, the other side of the binary existence.

  64.   I don't buy this BS that God is a hermaphrodite. God is two partners, not a multisexual creature.
  65. Hell, Prayer, Salvation, Damnation, Karma

  67. And what of abortions?

  68.    Been going on throughout history. Used to be a clean stick. An herbal concoction. Later came some metal object. Evolved into a surgical science; a vacuum cleaner for the small fetuses, or a morning-after pill, or the scalpel for the bigger ones.
    Self re-indoctrination

      Overcoming government cult mind control and Stockholm Syndromes
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